Practical Tips for Maintaining Weight-loss after an Active Summer

Summer months have long since faded into crisp Autumn days as temperatures continue to drop. And with the end of October quickly approaching, the holiday season is making its way into hearts and homes. Are your health goals tagging along with you in this new season?

Goodbye, Summer

Summer is notorious for its long sunny days and warm temperatures that promote quality fun. It’s also the time of year where most people are motivated to go outside, participate in active hobbies/adventures and work closely with their weight management goals.

As summer winds down and fall festivities begin, you might hear others talk about “retiring their summer bodies” and preparing for the holiday season. This seasonal shake-up can be hard to adapt to and often brings feelings of anxiety about staying on-track with weight management. Sound like you? Say goodbye to summer once and for all with the below tips.

Tips for Maintaining Weight-loss during Fall and Winter

Limit Bites, Licks and Tastes

The holiday season offers an abundance of yummy food. Those small indulgences add-up quickly, so remember to eat in moderation and mindfulness for all foods and beverages.

Bundle-up for Outdoor Activity

No matter the season, you should aim for regular exercise to meet your weight and health goals. Experts recommend at least 150 minutes per week for adults. If the colder weather is off-putting, invest in durable clothes that will keep you warm and leave room to move in.

Regulate Stress

These last months bring plenty of hustle and bustle. Expensive shopping lists, travel itineraries and family time can be stressful, so try to put effort into minimizing stress when possible.

Contribute Healthy Dishes

Going to any potlucks or family dinners? Make your own healthy dish to bring along. If you’re wary of indulging in other high-calorie, high-fat dishes, you have your own to fall back on.

Limit Liquid Calories

Holiday cocktails and spirits also add up. Alcohol in moderation is perfectly okay for most, but if you’re paying special attention to your weight, choose water (flavored or unflavored), unsweetened tea and other low-cal drinks instead.

Use Alternative Ingredients to Cook and Bake with

Are you a baker or someone who enjoys fall-flavored dishes? Instead of giving those up, try healthy ingredient swaps like applesauce vs. butter or Greek yogurt for sour cream.

Final Thoughts:

As the holiday season draws closer, we’ll talk more on this subject and offer additional tips for staying on-track. Remember to take it easy and don’t stress about the upcoming months. Success is dependent upon mindset and action, so if you get both of those in gear, you have nothing to worry about! Instead, focus on the progress you’ve already made and will continue to build.

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