Staying Connected: The Power of Support Systems

Staying Connected: Power of Support Systems

Let’s get honest — losing weight, maintaining weight and managing your health can be hard. But in any stage of your weight and health journey, having a supportive community not only matters; it makes a difference.

Why Support Systems Are Essential

Sure, there are plenty of ways that you can tackle your goals on your own. Perhaps you’ve developed a detailed nutrition plan that you’ve determined to stick to with great enthusiasm, or you’ve crafted a thorough exercise routine to launch you forward with fitness. Maybe you’ve even noticed a difference on the scale or in the way your clothes fit. The real challenge, however, lies in finding long-lasting and sustainable progress to carry you through all the way to your goals… and then some.

Now here’s where you have to think deeper. How many times have you faced burnout when your strategy becomes a little too difficult or even boring? Have you ever felt the sting of disappointment when the scale won’t budge, you ate the “wrong” thing or you couldn’t finish a workout?

This is where having an influential support system comes in handy. Having the “right” kind of people to walk alongside you on your journey can give you the extra boost you need to stay motivated and tackle what you’ve set out to accomplish.

How Can I Build a Healthy Support System?

As we grow older, social relationships change in many ways. But no matter how few (or how many) people you feel closely connected to, there are a variety of ways you can build a healthy support system to fuel you on your weight management journey.

  • Identify Your “Circle.” This includes those family members, friends and possibly even co-workers who you feel close to and comfortable around. You shouldn’t feel nervous about making those people a part of your story. They want to see you succeed!
  • Connect Online. Who says the Internet is strictly for funny videos or Facebook statuses? Whether you connect through social media or separate online support groups, there are plenty of people throughout the inter-web that understand your experiences and can help.
  • Consider Your Medical Team. Primary physicians, nutritionists, medical doctors, nurses, mental health counselors — all of these professionals can be great assets and equip you with the tools, resources and support you need.
  • Connect with US! Join us for our 6th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention, where we’re bringing together individuals just like you from all across the country for a weekend dedicated to learning more about weight, health and each other. YWM2017 will take place August 10-13 in New Orleans, and we’d love to see you there! To learn more, please CLICK HERE.

There is truly POWER in coming together. Having a supportive community of individuals around you can help you stack your odds for improving your health, managing it and THRIVING long-term!

Learn. Connect. Engage.

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