Positive Body Image Impacts Mental Health (But Also Your Weight)

Discover the link between positive body image, weight and mental health

Being on a journey with weight management is no easy feat. It comes with physical challenges, mental challenges and emotional ones. In the midst of all the change your body may experience along the way, your body image can easily be affected.

Why Positive Body Image Matters

Regardless of your size or health goals, a positive body image is important. It will keep you grounded and help you make decisions that benefit your health in all kinds of ways.

A Closer Look at Body Image

Your body image is how you view yourself when you look in the mirror. It is your overall perception of your body and it plays a big role in your health and self-confidence.

The way you see and think of your body can affect all aspects of your life: relationships, career goals, work environments, raising a family, etc. It can even affect everyday activities like going shopping or working out with friends.

Your Thoughts Affect Your Performance

When you see yourself positively, it shows! Think about it this way. If you feel inferior in other parts of your life such as your job or favorite hobby, it will affect your performance. Body image works the same way. You can love and respect your body while still wanting to make changes that will make you healthier.

Nonetheless, this is hard. Most of us are good at comparing ourselves to other people. But in doing so, we fail to recognize the strengths and characteristics of our bodies that we should be proud of. This makes caring for your body and your overall health a lot harder. That’s why a positive body image is so important to weight management.

Tips for Improving How You See Yourself:

  • Replace each negative thought about your body with a positive one.
  • Wear clothes that fit you and that you feel comfortable in.
  • List all the things you appreciate about your body and repeat them daily.
  • Try to avoid comparing yourself to others, even in the media.
  • Take new pictures of yourself and put away old ones.
  • Take note of all the impressive things your body is doing.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and good energy.
  • Practice self-care often to be kind to your body and mind.

Remember that your body is amazing because it supports your life and your goals. You live in it, and you should take care of the physical, mental and emotional parts. A positive body image gives you health and confidence, and health and confidence give you power!

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