Outdoor Winter Activities to Try this Seaon

Outdoor Winter Activities Snowman

When many of us think about outdoor exercise, we picture the perfect Spring or Summer sun to keep us warm while we work out. Consequently, physical activity levels tend to decline in the Fall and Winter months as temperatures drop and our warm, cozy homes seem more and more attractive.

Making the Most Out of Winter Activities

Sure, we can stay inside to do holiday baking, arts and crafts and spend time with our families. But there’s also plenty of outdoor activities you can participate in as well! These fun suggestions will help you celebrate the seaon and stay active at the same time so you can manage your weight.

  • Ice Skating – Whether you choose to skate outside or inside on a built-in rink, ice skating is a great way to practice your balance and burn calories.
  • Build an Igloo or Snowman – If you live in an area that snows this time of year, go outside and play in it! Igloos make great winter forts for hosting snowball fights, and snowman building is a classic activity.
  • Go on a Winter Picnic – Eating outside…what?? Yes! Bundle up in layers of clothes and take some hot food in a thermos to enjoy outdoors. Make your picnic destination somewhere you can walk to.
  • Build a Bonfire – This is a very traditional way to stay warm. Work together with your friends and family to hunt for the best sticks and firewood nearby. Then, haul it all back to build a fire and cozy-up!
  • Take Time to Explore – Winter weather (and especially snow) has a unique effect on the landscape. Take a camera and go exploring by foot or bike.
  • Go sledding – Do you live in an area with incline? Sledding is a fantastic way to stay active and have a blast outside! Make sure you take proper safety precaution, however.
  • Try a Camping Trip – Camping isn’t exclusive to Summertime. If you have the right equipment, it can be a great way to experience the outdoors during the Winter months.

Do You Have Any Outdoor Winter Activity Suggestions?

Be sure to email them to mstep@obesityaction.org so we can share with others!


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