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So, you’re new to the journey with weight and health. Or, maybe you’re already on it and you’re looking for new ways to take your journey to the next level.

No matter where you are, trusted information about weight and health can be difficult to find. In the media and even in some health care facilities, “factual” information is actually skewed. Our focus is too often on body image and trendy diets and not enough on long-term health and wellness.

Find What You Need with the Your Weight Matters Health and Wellness Guide

health and wellness guideWe know your journey isn’t easy. Where do you start? What do you do when you’ve hit a roadblock or a significant challenge? What information will help you find your healthiest weight?

Answer these questions with our FREE Your Weight Matters Health and Wellness Guide. Really – FREE! This special guide is packed with reliable information on weight and health that will help you find success and keep it. But exactly what all does it offer? Why should you want to use it on your weight management journey?

  • An Understanding of Your Weight and Health – How are they connected? Why are they important?
  • Behavioral Management – Including science-based nutrition, exercise and support information
  • Facts about Nutrition – Including calories, macro-nutrients, sugars, protein, vitamins/minerals, food groups, portion sizes, nutrition myths and more!
  • Weight Management Resources – What else can help you on your journey? Maybe it’s an online or commercial program, or simply tips and tricks to help you make the best choices.
  • Tracking Tools – Complete with a food journal, activity tracker, BMI chart and notepad

A Resource for All Your Needs

Don’t sift through all the weight/health information out there alone. The Your Weight Matters Health and Wellness Guide is an excellent starting point to propel you to your goals and a greater understanding of your body, weight and health.

To claim your FREE copy of the Your Weight Matters Health and Wellness Guide today, please CLICK HERE.

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