Making a Difference in Weight and Obesity Care

National Obesity Care Week, program

Struggling with weight and/or obesity can be hard. Finding the supportive, financial and medical care you need can be even harder.

In today’s society, the subject of weight is often considered taboo. This makes opening up about your weight, worries and challenges extremely difficult, and gives healthcare providers a reluctance to talk about weight with their patients.

Identifying the Problem

More than 90 million adult Americans currently struggle with obesity. This means that removing barriers to effective care is crucial if we want to help individuals navigate their weight management journey with resources and support. Some of those barriers include:

  • Weight Bias
  • Poor Access to Care
  • Lack of Awareness about Treatment Options

National Obesity Care Week is Changing the Way We Care about Weight and Obesity

National Obesity Care Week (NOCW) will take place Oct. 29 – Nov. 4, 2017 and intends to change the way WE CARE about weight and obesity.

This National Awareness Campaign is striving to create a society where the complexities of weight are understood, weight bias is nonexistent and access to science-based care is available.

Take 5 with Your Weight Matters to Change the Way We Care!

Do you want to join us and get involved with NOCW? Complete the “Take 5” Pledge and discover additional ways you can make a difference!

  • Take the Pledge by CLICKING HERE
  • Discover 5 important reasons why changing the way we care is necessary
  • Continue reading to self-identify one of three ways you’re connected to the topic of weight
  • Select that option for further information
  • Opt into emails leading up to NOCW that will tell you how to get involved
  • Follow NOCW on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date
  • Spread the word to others!

To learn more about National Obesity Care Week and why YOU should help us change the way we care, visit www.ObesityCareWeek.org.

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