Finding Your Healthiest Self – Men’s Health Month

Men's Health Month June

Being proactive about your health is important, and that includes efforts to maintain and improve your health throughout every stage of your journey. But, did you know that woman are more likely than men to take charge of their weight and health through annual examinations and preventative services?

June is Men’s Health Month, and it serves as an excellent reminder that all of us can benefit from efforts to find our healthiest and happiest self. So, how can you get involved?

Celebrate Men’s Health Month with Us!

According to the Men’s Health Network, the goal of Men’s Health Month is to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

Here are some ways that you can recognize and celebrate this important awareness initiative:

  • Schedule a Wellness Exam – Make an appointment with your primary care provider for an annual examination that assesses and addresses your overall health.
  • Measure Your Weight – Weight impacts health in significant ways, and can even affect the development of weight-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.
  • Talk about Weight and Health with Men You Know – Raise awareness of Men’s Health Month and the importance of proactive care by speaking about weight and health with your loved ones.
  • Wear Blue on June 16 – June 16 is “Wear Blue Day,” which raises awareness and money for men to seek regular checkups, disease screening and preventative services. If you can’t wear blue that day, pick another day and get your family, friends and co-workers involved!

Share the Your Weight Matters Campaign PSA!

The Your Weight Matters Campaign offers PSAs to help others understand why their weight is so important —  for their health! This Men’s Health Month, we encourage you to share a specific PSA to raise awareness about weight, its impact on health, and why it’s important to talk about these topics with your doctor: To view the PSA home page, please CLICK HERE.


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