A Piece of the Puzzle: Managing Weight and its Related Conditions

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On the journey toward improved health, managing your weight is only one piece of the puzzle. However, it’s a very important piece.

If you are affected by overweight or obesity, you may be very familiar with the effect excess weight has on other parts or functions of your body. As a matter of fact, there are a myriad of conditions related to weight in some way, shape or form — and once an individual is severely affected by excess weight, these related conditions become serious health risks.

What Related Conditions Should I be Aware of?

Your weight matters for your overall health, and weight is an important part of that equation. Overweight/obesity are associated with more than 20 related conditions, a handful of which are listed below:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis and other joint pain
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Heart, liver and kidney disease
  • Stoke
  • Hypertension
  • Periodontal disease
  • Mental health-related conditions
  • And more

Tips for Managing Weight and its Related Conditions

If you are affected by overweight or obesity, this information isn’t meant to scare you. Instead, it’s intended to make you informed about weight and its impact on health so you can do everything you can to create a healthy lifestyle that fits your needs.

  • Nutrition is Important Food is fuel, and it supplies your body with the nutrients it needs to run efficiently. Eating a diet rich with whole, unprocessed foods that stays within recommended caloric boundaries can help you manage your weight and many of the above-related conditions.
  • Physical Activity Builds a Stronger Body – Incorporating exercise into your daily routine not only burns calories, but also builds strength and endurance. When you manage your weight with exercise, you may notice that a lot of pressure/tension is relieved from your joints which makes daily movement a lot more feasible.
  • Your Doctor Can Help If you’re not already seeing a healthcare provider, doing so can help you manage your weight and related conditions tremendously. Try building a relationship with your primary care physician and/or health specialist to talk about your weight and any health concerns you may have. They have the tools and resources to assist you!

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