Managing Your Weight during Fall Festivities

fall food and festivities

Halloween goodies… pumpkin patches with sweet treats… harvest hayrides and fall carnivals… there’s so much to do in October!

Unfortunately, this means that for many of us, temptation may be creeping in. With the upcoming holiday season just around the corner, fall festivities are often a source of extra food and celebration. If you live in a northern region, the cooler weather may also discourage you from going outside and getting physically active. So.. how do you keep a handle on your weight when fall festivities provide so much distraction?

Tips for Managing Your Weight during Fall Festivities

Limit Your “Bites, Licks and Tastes”

You know how it goes. A tempting food lies before you, and you reach for a small bite to savor the taste. Maybe you throw the rest of it away, offer it to a friend or finish it yourself. Calories add up, so make sure you’re not overdoing it on your bites, licks and tastes.

Purchase Healthy Trick-or-Treat Snacks

Despite our best intentions, it’s easy to dive into that bag of Halloween candy you reserved for trick-or-treaters. If you decide to buy the candy, try storing it in a safe place until Halloween. If you’d rather eliminate all temptations, consider purchasing healthy alternatives such as fruit snacks, pretzels or trail mix.

Get Out and About

Fall is an exciting season filled with lots of fun activities such as carnivals, festivals, concerts, hayrides, haunted houses and corn mazes. There are all excellent opportunities to get out of the house and get moving! If you’re not into those activities, at least venture outdoors for a bike ride, run or walk to take advantage of the cooler, crisper weather.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

October usually means lots of Halloween parties, which means there’s plenty of opportunities for extra food and drink. Alcoholic beverages are often loaded with calories, so if you choose to indulge in a drink now and then, make sure you’re setting rational limits for yourself.

Fall is a wonderful and exciting time of year, and you should live it to its full potential! Just make sure you’re always practicing mindfulness and keeping your journey with weight and health in mind.

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