Making Healthy Choices in Social Situations

Making Healthy Choices in Social Situations

Oftentimes, navigating your way through the weight and health journey doesn’t always happen in a linear effect. Many roadblocks, hurdles and detours face-off with us along the way, and it can be difficult to make healthy choices when you’re not completely in control.

For some, this is often the case in social situations – especially at parties, when you’re going out to eat or even spending time with loved ones. Being surrounded by friends, family, co-workers and other people outside of your home environment can be tricky because you’re stepping out of your routine. Making everyday decisions that are beneficial to your health, such as nutritious food options, physical activity and sleep, can become complicated.

Tips for Staying On-track in Social Situations

Don’t let social situations leave you feeling anxious, guilty or perplexed. Planning ahead of time and being strategic can help you make healthy decisions!

  • Try to Avoid Arriving Hungry When we’re hungry, we often give into cravings or make food choices that aren’t the best for us. Eating before a social event can help you manage your appetite.
  • Offer Alternative Ideas to Food It’s common to eat during social outings, but a fun and healthier option may be to enjoy time doing something a bit more active. Examples include a walk in the park, bowling or going for a bike ride.
  • Bring Your Own Nutritious Dish Get creative and help out! If you’re going to a gathering where there will be food, consider creating your own healthy dish for others to snack on and pass around.
  • Manage Your Calendar – Just how often are you going out? Having a good idea of your time spent in social situations can help you eat out in moderation and make healthier choices.
  • Set a Goal Before meeting up with others, determine what kind of eating behavior you want to exhibit and then stick to this goal. Do you want to eat in moderation and/or choose lighter options, or is this your time to splurge? Looking for some tips on goal-setting? CLICK HERE. 
  • Seek Out Accountability – Perhaps a loved one in your company can hold you accountability and encourage you to stick to your goals.
  • Avoid or Limit Alcohol Alcohol can pack-in a lot of extra calories, and they can also intensify cravings. Avoiding or limiting your alcohol intake can help you stay focused on the calories that matter – the nutritious ones!

Your progress doesn’t have to suffer at the hands of social situations. There are plenty of ways to stay on-track and ensure that you’re making healthy choices to benefit your weight. You should enjoy your time out with others!

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