Stay Healthy by Making Dinnertime a Family Meal!

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Between daily commutes, taking the kids to school, doctor’s appointments and other scheduling conflicts, making dinnertime a family meal may seem like an impossible feat. Without even realizing it, we’re grabbing breakfast bars in the morning, skipping lunch, pulling snacks out of our desks or taking advantage of the drive thru. Then, when it all comes down to dinner, making the decision of what to eat can be a challenging one!

For many, cramped schedules and exhaustion results in hitting the drive-thru once again or dining out away from home. And sometimes, the dinnertime decisions we make may not be so good for our health. Studies show that taking the time to go grocery shopping and prepare your meals at home with your family can actually have a significant impact on your overall health, and even on your journey with managing weight! Below, we show you some of the powerful benefits to making dinnertime a family meal.

Five Overlooked Benefits to Dinnertime at Home with Family:

  • YOU control the portions – When dining out at a restaurant or ordering food from a fast food joint, the portion sizes served to you are usually significantly more than your body actually needs. If you’re not careful, this trend may actually lead to over-eating. By preparing food at home with your family, you can control the amount you put on your plate and easily store the rest for leftovers.
  • Relieve Stress – After a long day, taking the time to prepare food and eat it with your family can greatly improve your mood and relieve stress levels. Time together gives you a chance to reconnect, talk about your day and enjoy each other’s company. Plus, you’re not having to worry about long drive-thru lines, waiting for your food to be served or crowds of busy people! For information on how stress can affect your weight, CLICK HERE.
  • Save Money – Going out to eat for convenience can add up before we know it! Whereas 20 dollars can buy you a couple of meals at a fast food restaurant for you and your family, 20 dollars at the grocery store could get you ingredients to make many more meals throughout the week. By investing in ingredients to stock up your kitchen, you’ll have healthy food that can last you a lot longer!
  • Control the Ingredients – By preparing food at home, you have the power to control what ends up on your plate. From main entrees, side dishes and even condiments – YOU decide what to serve! This power can help support healthier food choices and ensure that you’re fueling your body with nutritious foods. By customizing your meals to suit your own specific needs, you’re putting the ball in YOUR court!
  • Add variety to your diet – Your options are limited when you go out to eat. You’re confined to a menu with specific ingredients, and oftentimes it costs a little more to customize your order. On the other hand, making your own food with your family gives you the option of choosing whatever you want for dinner, which can increase exposure to new and different foods. What’s the benefit? More nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and even flavor!

So, before you make the decision to pack your family in the car and head on out to eat, do yourself a favor and consider how preparing dinner together can impact your health – and your family’s, too!

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