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Have you ever wondered how you can do more to help others struggling with their weight?

How you can take action and create change?

You are not alone. That is why the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), proud Founder of the Your Weight Matters Campaign, offers a place where you can take action on issues that matter to you. From easy ongoing actions that you can do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to ways in which you can support the organization and change policies, there’s something there for you!

Taking Action: How to Start

Getting started is pretty easy. First, visit the OAC Action Center. Explore the web page, then click on different options and actions available to you. Once you decide what opportunities interest you, take action by showing your support! You may be asked to sign a pledge, share information with someone else, or use your voice to bring attention to an issue using social media.

Types of OAC Actions:

Access and Policy Issues

Our Community is made up of people who believe that no matter your weight, size or economic status, you should have access to science-based obesity treatment and comprehensive care. The OAC works to influence government policies that range from improving treatment options to funding research. These policies have a big effect on the society we live in. Take action to improve access to care and influence decision-makers and the policies they put forth!

Ongoing Actions

OAC “Ongoing Actions” are easy efforts you can do at any time throughout the year. There are all kinds for all interests. Whether you share the OAC’s educational resources in your local community, make a donation, share the OAC’s social media messages or encourage others to join as a member at no cost, all “Ongoing Actions” play a role in making a difference.

Weight Bias Issues

What is weight bias? Any negative attitude, belief, judgment, stereotype or act of discrimination aimed at someone because of their weight. This type of stigma has negative effects on victims and we need to get rif ot it. When it comes to fighting weight bias, every voice truly does count.

Report Issues

Our Community is dedicated to tackling issues and celebrating triumphs that our supporters have. But we can’t do it unless we hear from you! We’ve created a Weight Bias and Access to Care Reporting Tool so you can share issues that need our attention. You can also submit positive reports or positive actions that you’d like to share with us.

Taking Action Has Never Been Easier…

We ask that you check-out the OAC Action Center and learn about all the different ways you can use your voice to create change! It’s just a simple click away.

CLICK HERE to visit the OAC Action Center!

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