Is it Time to Put a Fitness Tracker on Your Holiday Wish List?

Consider adding a fitness tracker to your holiday wish list

Technology is changing faster than ever, and there’s now an entire array of digital platforms to explore. Not just your smart phone or your laptop, but also the wide world of smart watches, tablets, drones, digital cameras and more.

Then there’s the fitness tracker. This savvy tool is gaining popularity fast – and it’s not just athletes that use it. Fitness trackers of all sizes and varieties are now available to the average, everyday person. They come in handy if you’re looking for extra help to meet some of your health goals.

What is a Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a wearable device or computer application that records data relating to a person’s fitness and health. This data can include:

  • Distance Tracking – Number of steps taken;  how far you’ve traveled
  • Calories Burned – Through exercise and/or at rest, depending on type of tracker
  • Heart Rate – Measures number of heart beats per minute
  • Run/Walk Time – Uses a stopwatch feature to track workout duration
  • Food Tracking – What you eat; how much; and how many calories you consume
  • Sleep Patterns – Duration of sleep; sleep stages; quality of sleep

These are just some of the features that today’s fitness trackers offer. It’s a great tool to help you monitor and understand your body as it relates to your physical activity and health.

Should You Get One?

Fitness trackers have been at the top of holiday wish lists for a while now. They’re not only extremely useful, but also practical. Most of today’s trackers come in the form of a wrist watch that can easily be accessed at any time, which comes in handy if you don’t want to always keep your phone on you. Not to mention, they run at a comfortable price point for almost anyone since you can choose from the features that each one offers.

Fitness trackers also come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles. Many have small touch screens that work like a phone does. You can customize the thickness of the band, color, shape of screen, notification effects (alarm, vibration) and much more. There’s a model and style for practically anyone – from the professional athlete to your teenagers at home.

Consider Buying/Asking for a Fitness Tracker if You or a Loved One…

  • Enjoy getting health and wellness-focused gifts
  • Are seeking data-driven insights to help meet health goals
  • Want accountability or regular health reminders
  • Are training for a specific fitness goal or event
  • Want a practical way to keep tabs on your workouts

Before You Add a Fitness Tracker to Your Wish List, Ask Yourself these Questions:

  • What are your preferred features?
  • What price point do you feel comfortable with?
  • What colors and styles do you like?
  • How likely are you to use a fitness tracker?

Ask these same questions if you are buying for someone else.

Final Thoughts:

Fitness trackers have a lot of value but they don’t always run cheap. Of course, that depends on what type you get. Either way, make sure you know exactly what you want before adding one to your wish list. If you’re buying for someone else, make sure they’ve said they want one. You don’t want your fitness-focused gift to be taken the wrong way. Also, try to identify what features your loved one wants in their fitness tracker.

Finally, consider buying a protection plan to save money if the device stops working or if the screen breaks. Technology isn’t perfect, so adding some protection is a wise idea.

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

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