How to Relax and Stay Healthy on Summer Vacation

Worried about staying on track during your summer vacation? Try these tips

It’s the season for summer vacation and you’re ready to take it easy. Now is the time to get out of “busy mode” and relax! But while dreaming of letting loose a little bit, are you worried about staying on track with your weight? The good news is that you can do both.

Healthy Summer Vacation Tips:

Pack Snack Bags and Lunch Boxes

You can still go out to eat at new restaurants, but make sure you bring food too. This is very important when you’re on-the-go. Sitting for long periods of time in a car or plane can leave you hungry. So can walking on foot while sight-seeing. Keep healthy foods at your disposal like sliced apples, beef jerky, no-sodium nuts, protein bars and low-fat cheese cubes.

Research Restaurant Menus

Are you going out to eat? Avoid the pressure to order something quickly by looking at the online menu ahead of time. Most menus have a “light” or “healthier options” section with recommendations.

Plan Active Adventures

Work in some exercise with active adventures. You can go sight-seeing on foot, walk along the beach or ride bikes through the city. Hit up a nearby hiking trail or take a dip in a pool or lake. Try fun activities like kayaking, rock climbing or snorkeling. You can even go metal detecting!

Avoid “All or Nothing” Thinking

Many people overindulge on vacation because they think of it as taking a break from “rigid routines.” You don’t have to choose between splurging at every meal or not splurging at all. Try to strike a balance and aim for moderation.

Make Time to Really Relax

Even vacation can get stressful. You have flights to worry about, traveling with family, and navigating new surroundings. Money might stress you out, or even a lack of sleep from jet lag. However, try to ward off stress to keep your cortisol levels low. Take deep breaths, relax your muscles and go slow!

Look for a Hotel Fitness Center

Staying active can keep you from getting restless and relieve stress. It can also give you more energy to enjoy your vacation. Many hotels have fitness centers with pools, treadmills, ellipticals and free weights.

Be Smart with Your Beverages

Alcoholic drinks, smoothies and juices are okay in moderation. However, make sure you drink water more than anything to stay hydrated and manage your appetite. Try not to let a day go by without drinking at least 60 fluid ounces of water.

Final Thoughts:

You should enjoy your vacation and make it one to remember. At the same time, you don’t want to come back feeling guilty, bloated or lethargic. You should feel refreshed and energized! The key to this kind of success is to aim for moderation and keep up with some of your healthy habits, like making clean eating choices and staying active.

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