How a Mental Health Counselor Can Assist with Weight Management

A mental health counselor could be a valuable asset to your weight management

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at how yours could be affecting your weight. When you think about leaning on your healthcare team to manage your weight successfully, does a mental health counselor come to mind? While addressing your physical health is important, don’t underestimate the roles your mental and emotional health play too.

Psychology and Weight Management

Think about your habits and what motivates your behaviors. Why do you make certain choices each day? What’s lurking beneath your actions under the surface? Your behavior isn’t entirely dependent on your physiology or instinct. Your thoughts, emotions and memories can also influence the choices you make, even if you don’t always make them intentionally.

Relationships with food are great examples. Eating more calories than you burn results in weight gain, but the formula isn’t always that simple. Some people have deep, complex relationships with food that are influenced by depression, anxiety or something unknown. For them, overeating might be an extremely tough habit to break, making weight management also difficult.

The brain plays a central role in decision making, sometimes subconsciously. If you’re struggling to manage your weight on your own, could you benefit from seeking the help of a mental health counselor to address other factors you might not have considered?

A Mental Health Counselor Will…

  • Talk with you about the goals you want to meet with counseling.
  • Work with you to identify your fears, challenges and setbacks.
  • Identify problem behaviors or thoughts that might be affecting you.
  • Work with you on addressing/overcoming negative thoughts and behaviors.
  • Watch your progress to ensure you’re on track for meeting your goals.

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Our comprehensive Program Agenda offers a variety of mental health-related topics, including:

  • Using Your Values to Empower Healthy Change with Acceptance-based Therapy
  • A Complete Look at Mental Health and Obesity: Before, During and After Treatment
  • Creating a Place Called Happiness: Fixing Your Foundation in a Broken World

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