Five Reasons You Should Join the OAC Community

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Did you know that the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), Producer of the Your Weight Matters Campaign, has a Membership Community? The OAC Community is a diverse group of individuals who are interested in getting more connected to their health and changing the world for people living with obesity. The OAC believes that great things happen when we learn, connect and engage together, and that’s why the OAC Community exists.

There are many ways in which you can get involved in this Membership Community and different opportunities that you can take advantage of by being a part.

5 Reasons You Should Join the OAC Community:

1) It’s FREE!

You can join the OAC Community at NO COST. Through the Community you have access to unique educational content about weight and health and quality resources that you can use to improve them. In addition, you’ll have numerous opportunities to engage in meaningful activities that can help you through your journey with weight.

2) Get Educated

By being a member of this  Community, you have access to top-notch weight and health education. From OAC’s Weight Matters Magazine to its online library of educational articles and blog posts, the OAC has an extensive list of educational resources that you can use to learn about your weight and health.

3) Find Support

As a Community Member of the OAC, you have access to a Discussion Forum where you can learn from and discuss different topics related to weight, health and more with other members. Additionally, as a member, you also get access to the Weight of the World video library where you can listen to real stories from people about their journey with weight.

4) Connect with Other People

Through the OAC Community, you have the chance to connect with other people who just “get it” — people that understand your journey with weight and the ups and downs that come with it. As a member, not only do you have the chance to connect with people and their stories, but also to foster meaningful relationships.

5) Take Action

Have you ever wondered how you can help to create change? Through the OAC Community, you have a chance to take action on issues that matter to you and also to inform yourself, learn and eventually become your own advocate to create real change.

There are many more reasons for why you should join this thriving Community, but we think these are a great start! Please consider becoming a part of this amazing group of people to get educated, find support, connect with others and take action on key issues.

Join the OAC Community Today!


Learn. Connect. Engage.

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Gain the tools you need to succeed in your health journey. Join the OAC Community at NO COST and get access to: Valuable Education – Ongoing Support – Meaningful Connections – Much More

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