Fitness Equipment: Finding What Works Best For You

Exercise is such an important part of your life! The Centers for Disease Control recommends at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week. As movement increases, so do health benefits such as improvements in cardiovascular health, weight-loss, reduction in blood glucose levels, reduced stress, and improved mood. Finding the right exercise equipment can help you when working towards your fitness goals.

Helpful Fitness Equipment

Consider adding a few pieces of fitness equipment to make your fitness journey easier.

  • Treadmill or bike: Outdoor exercise is great, but what happens when it snows or rains? Consider an indoor option to make sure your cardio activity is on point. These are big ticket items, so another option could be a low-cost gym membership.
  • Free weights: Strength training helps build and maintain muscle mass. A set of free weights can be used for many muscle-building exercises such as curls, presses and squats. A variety of weights are great to have when changing exercises or when your strength improves. For many people, adjustable weights are a good option.
  • Fitness tracker: Many people are motivated by numbers. A fitness tracker that tracks your steps, movement, heart rate and workout can be a great addition to your collection. A variety of options and prices are available.
  • Resistance bands: A great place to start with strength training is with resistance bands. These stretchy pieces of plastic use different levels of resistance to help you build strength. They take up a small amount of space and can even be thrown in a suitcase when traveling so you always have an option for exercise.
  • Yoga mat: Yoga, Pilates and stretching can all be done on a yoga mat. These mats are also useful for strength-based activities such as crunches and planks.
  • Mirror: A mirror can be helpful as you exercise to watch your form and improve your technique. It’s difficult to critique your bicep curls or squats when you can’t see what you are doing. Watching your form and correcting errors is an important part of safety!
  • Exercise ball: Large exercise balls have many purposes. Some choose to sit on an exercise ball to work on their core stability. Others may use them as a base for push-ups or planks. They can be a great option for strength training.
  • Foam roller: Muscle recovery and stretching is a priority. Using a foam roller to relieve muscle tightness and soreness is an important part of recovery. A few minutes can make a big difference.
  • Workout gear and shoes: Working out is a lot easier when you have proper fitting clothes and shoes. Splurge on a new exercise top, a pair of stretchy bottoms, and make sure your shoes fit correctly.
  • Other cardio options: Other fitness accessories like a jump rope, step-up or even a punching bag can help you get more cardio in your day. It’s important to have options, so aim for a variety of different activities.

Everyone has a different fitness journey. The best plan is the plan that you fill follow. Adding a few new pieces of equipment can make your journey easier!

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