Our Favorite Finds: April 2017

April Favorite Finds

When you’re working hard to make healthy changes to your lifestyle and manage your weight, all kinds of questions run through your head.

  • What should I be eating?
  • What should I be doing for exercise?
  • What helps and hurts me along the way?

We understand how crucial it is to have access to helpful, supportive and educational resources on this important journey. That’s why we’ve brought back our “Favorite Finds” for the month of April — so YOU can explore some of the health and wellness information that’s out there and pick those that you find helpful!

6 Proven Ways to Create Barriers against Contagious Anxiety and Stress (Absolute Health)

Anxiety, stress and overall poor mental health can be catalysts for struggles with weight management. How you interact in social situations, internalize conversations and cope with stressors all play a big part in your physical and mental well-being. That’s why it’s just as important to have a healthy mind as it is to have a healthy body, and Absolute Health does a fantastic job at offering ways to reduce stress by creating a healthy emotional environment.

How to Get the Most Nutritional Bang for Your Buck (My Fitness Pal)

Eating healthy is an investment in your well-being, but it’s no surprise that choosing whole, healthy and nutritious foods can be costly at times. In this valuable article, discover simple and creative ways for growing a healthy diet and wallet! These money-savings tips can spare you some extra costs while boosting your overall health.

Can Processed Foods be Part of a Healthy Diet? (American Heart Association)

It’s a valid question. We’re told time and time again what the best foods are if we’re looking to manage our weight through nutrition, but is there always a black and white answer? The AHA doesn’t think so, and they provide an insightful look at some of the ways you can eat healthy without such strict rules and regulations.

Moving Your Family to a Healthier Diet (Health & Wellness Magazine)

Having your family on board with your healthy habits can make it a lot easier to manage your weight and reach your goals. But tackling the topics of health and wellness with your family can be difficult, so how do you include your family in your healthy journey? Discover practical yet FUN ways to find improved health with your family right by your side, and walk this journey together!

Seasonal Health Advantages (Fitness and Wellness News)

Can seasonal changes affect your weight and health? You bet! This unique article is full of surprises and creativity, and it’s a fun read that you won’t want miss! Explore the many ways that moving through the seasons can help you manage your weight and health, and take advantage of all that SPRING has to offer!

Injured or Defeated? More Mental Strategies to Get through (The Daily Burn)

If you’re battling illness or injury, weight management can seem like an impossible challenge. But this doesn’t mean it’s not feasible! With the right mindset, you can focus on recovery and “get your mind and body back in the game.”

Why Active Rest is Essential – and How to Get it (Anytime Fitness)

Great news — you don’t need to feel guilty for not hitting the gym or squeezing in that power workout during your packed schedule. Anytime Fitness walks you through the many ways in which rest days are absolutely essential to your journey with fitness. Learn why rest is important and even beneficial to your weight management goals, and how you can make the most out of them!

Do YOU Have Any Favorite Finds?

If you’ve come across any helpful articles, inspirational reads, motivational words or useful information, we want to know so we can share it with others! To share your resources with us, simply drop your favorite finds in the comments below or email them to mstep@obesityaction.org.

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