Laying the Foundation for Family Health in 2018

Family Health Support System

When we maintain good health, we lead longer and happier lives. It’s therefore natural to want that for our families, too.

If you’ve made health a priority in 2018, how about extending that priority to your family as well? When we share common goals and interests with others who are close to us, managing our own goals becomes a lot more easier. Being in the company of others who understand your struggles, challenges, hopes and aspirations gives your own health journey that much greater purpose.

Making Family Health a Goal in 2018

This year, make weight and health a team approach.Work towards better health together and have fun doing it along the way! A family game plan can bring you closer together while ensuring the well-being of each individual family member. Here are some things you can do as a team:

  • Set Goals – Take some time to sit down, relax and brainstorm changes you’d like to make together. This also gives you insight into each individual family member’s ideas and concerns.
  • Schedule Routine Health Exams – Make sure you have a family physician on-board that you can all establish a relationship with. Regular health exams help you check progress and keep a close eye on your health.
  • Take Time to Unplug – During family time, make sure all members have put aside their cellphones and video games, removed controls, etc. Use these quiet moments to talk and spend quality time together.
  • Cook Together – Gather up the family to play a part in making your grocery list. Then, take your family to the store and ask their help when planning menus or cooking recipes.
  • Exercise as a Group – You don’t have to take a group trip to the gym in order to get active together. Consider taking walks after dinner, visiting the park on weekends or simply going for family bike rides.

Your family doesn’t have to make sweeping changes in order to build a healthier lifestyle. Small, simple steps you take together can get you a long way! By spending time together, supporting each other and encouraging one another, you’re already well on your way to a healthier you – and a healthier family!

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