Fall is Coming! Add these Outdoor Workouts to Your Fitness Plan

Fall is bringing great weather, so get some extra exercise by taking your fitness plan outdoors.

Summer is slowly coming to an end as we make our way into the month of October. Get ready for crisper weather, falling leaves and pumpkins galore!

With the temperatures cooling down, the great outdoors beckons you. Now is the perfect time to start planning all the fun things you’ll do this fall. You already know that physical activity is important to add to each day, so why not take your workouts into the beautiful fall weather?

Benefits of Outdoor Workouts

Even if you’d label yourself as a “gym rat” or you prefer in-home workouts, the benefits of engaging outdoor exercise may surprise you:

  • Explore a change of pace and scenery from the four walls of an indoor space
  • Enjoy exercise that is virtually free, or at least low-cost
  • Take advantage of the landscapes nature offers for different types of workouts
  • Feel the release of endorphins that elevate your mood

Tips for Taking Your Workouts to the Outdoors

Search for Nearby Hiking Areas

Whether it’s a state forest that’s an hour away or a small park in your city/town, there are places all around to hike on trails and paths. Some might be wilderness preserves, nature sanctuaries or even botanical gardens. Lace up your walking shoes and explore nature’s bounty.

Play a Friendly Game of Sports

Fall is a big season for sports, but you don’t have to be on a team to join-in on the fun. Grab some friends and hit up your local recreation center, county park or even an empty field. Get moving with games of football, baseball, tennis, kickball, etc.

Explore a Harvest Maze

Harvest mazes and festivals are popping up everywhere this time of year. If you have kids, exploring a cornstalk or pumpkin maze is a great way to get active and spark their curiosity. Try seeing who can find their way out the fastest without asking for directions!

Plant Bulbs in Your Garden for Next Spring

If you’re already thinking ahead to next year, get down and dirty in your garden to plant bulbs for next spring. If you live in a climate that gets freezing temperatures, you’ll have to account for weather changes. Otherwise, this is a great way to landscape your yard, connect with Mother Nature and sow the seeds of something that will become beautiful.

Bring Out the Bikes

Biking is faster than walking and it still engages a lot of muscles. Whip-out the wheels for a scenic ride through your neighborhood or local park. You can also use your bike to run close-by errands instead of taking your car and spending money on gas.

Just Move – It All Counts!

At the end of the day, what counts is that you’re moving. Brisk walks, jumping rope, hula-hooping and yoga are all great ways to be active and embrace the fall weather. Challenge yourself to step outside and take in the crisper air before it gets too cold.

Looking for Other Ways to Spice Up Your Definition of Exercise?

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