Exercise: More than Just the Gym!

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When many people think of fitness and making exercise part of a healthy lifestyle, pictures of the gym come to find. They envision expensive exercise equipment, weight lifting, group fitness classes and pricey gym memberships. For some, feelings of anxiety even surface due to insecurities about exercising in front of other people in the same facility.

While a gym can provide you with a variety of tools and resources to help you improve your fitness, it is not your only option. Improving your fitness means that you are making changes to your overall health, and you can do that in a variety of ways! If you’re striving to make physical activity a larger part of your journey with weight and health, we encourage you to consider the many different ways that you can incorporate exercise into your routine. It’s more than just the gym – it’s about getting up, getting active and making gradual changes for a healthier you!

10 Less-Common Forms of Exercise

  • Get active with your pets – Spend more time with your pets through longer walks and/or runs, taking them to the park or jumping and running with them in the backyard. You’ll both have fun together and get plenty of exercise!
  • Find a park, forest, or outdoor area to explore – If you love nature, get active by going on an adventure! Lace up some hiking shoes for a walk through the woods or find a natural spring or lake to swim in.
  • Hop on your bike – You can go for a leisurely ride or take your bike to work or school. If you’re going shopping and won’t have too many items to carry home, try bringing a backpack and ride up to the store.
  • Consider the art of yoga – Yoga is a great way to relax from stress, and it will help you to build strength, endurance and flexibility. There are plenty of different forms of yoga, so pick one you think you’d like and give it a try!
  • Deep clean your home – Cleaning can be a great workout! Get out your broom, vacuum, feather duster and sponges for a chance to do some “spring cleaning” – although you can do this any time of year. The consistent movement is a great way to be productive at home and with your exercise!
  • Dance the night/day away – Dancing is an excellent form of cardio. Choose whatever style of music suits you and motivates you to get moving! You can dance alone or grab friends and family to join you. You can also do this in the privacy of your own home or with an instructor at a dance class.
  • Rock climbing – If you live near a facility that offers rock climbing lessons or activities, this is a fun and unique way to get a good workout in. You’ll be using your back, legs and arms to pull your body upward, and you can even level up the challenge as you get stronger. Plus, there’s nothing quite like reaching the very top!
  • Simply go for a walk or run – You don’t always need a treadmill to go walking or running. Get some fresh air, turn up some good music and take off! You can take different routs with different kind of terrains if you’re looking to exercise on a variety of inclines, and you can choose the environment you want to exercise in. That way, you’re not staring at a wall or a screen for the duration of your workout!
  • Participate in a sport – If you’re a competitive person, you might find great motivation in participating in a sport. The options are endless! You can start with minimal intensity, such as tether ball, bowling or golf, and then try other things as you gradually become stronger and more fit.
  • Build your own exercise program – Who says you have to hire a personal trainer to show you how to get fit? You can incorporate a variety of different exercises and workouts into your fitness routine depending on what interests you. Exercise shouldn’t have to feel like a burden – you should look forward to it! For tips on designing your own personalized exercise program, please CLICK HERE.

Do have other ideas for exercise that you think others might enjoy? Share with us in the comments below!

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