Exercise and COVID-19: An Exercise Physiologist’s Tips for Getting Active

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We’ve been particularly inspired by the health and wellness tips recently given during the Obesity Action Coalition’s virtual Your Weight Matters Convention. One subject that was touched on was getting exercise during the challenging times of COVID-19. Exercise Physiologist Tim Church, MD, MPH, PhD, inspired thousands with his simple advice for being motivated and getting active. We’ve highlighted some of the biggest takeaways from his talk below.

These Are Hard Times

First, Dr. Church reminded us that we’re living in hard times right now. If you’ve struggled to get active, you’re not alone. It’s okay if you haven’t been keeping up with your normal routine or it’s hard for you to get motivated. Life changes, and your plan is going to change with you. Be kind to yourself, adjust your goals, and do what’s realistically in your power at the moment.

Exercise Tips for COVID-19

  • Just Do Anything. Something is better than nothing! Rather than focusing on meeting a certain number of exercise minutes, just focus on moving. As Dr. Church puts it, it’s not about running a marathon. It’s simply about getting active.
  • Preferably Get Outside. If you can squeeze in some outdoor time, do it! For cooler outdoor weather, go earlier in the day or later in the evening. Also, remember that you don’t have to spend hours outside – just do whatever you can handle.
  • Do it Regularly. Consistency is key, and now is a crucial time to have some consistency. Even if it’s just a daily 10-15-minute walk, try to squeeze in regular activity that you can get in the habit of doing.
  • Get Creative. Try doing yoga in your backyard or at the park. Take walking business calls or take your neighbor’s dog on a walk. Mow the lawn or dig around in your garden. There are more ways to get active than going to the gym!
  • Reflect on What You Love Doing. Is it taking walks? Dancing? Cycling? Cross-country skiing? Yoga? Get outside and do some of those things!
  • Reflect on What Matters to You. Take some time for self-reflection and think about the things that matter to you. Most people value connectedness (community), resilience, having a productive and sharp mind, higher energy levels, self-esteem, and a happier mood. The physical activity you do should provide some of these things.
  • Focus on YOUR Needs. Identify what you need out of your program and make your plan fit the physical activity requirements, not the other way around.

For more health and wellness tips about navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, CLICK HERE for resources from the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC).

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