How to Enjoy the New Year without Dwelling on the Scale

Focus on health in 2019, not a number on the scale

At the start of any new year, many of us are inspired and empowered by ambitious health goals — and weight-loss is certainly a frequent flyer. In fact, it’s perhaps one of the most oft-repeated New Year Resolutions with more than half of Americans struggling against their weight.

But if improved health through weight-loss is one of your goals this year, do you find yourself hung up on the scale? Are you weighing yourself perhaps a little (too) frequently and letting the number dictate your mood? If so, it may be time for a mental shift to set you in a healthier direction.

Weight Matters because of Health

It’s true that weight does matter — but for a reason that doesn’t get talked about enough: health. To learn more about the weight and health connection, including weight-related conditions and more, please CLICK HERE for resources from the Your Weight Matters Campaign.

Yes, the scale measures your weight and can give you a general indication of your health. But it also doesn’t take into account your muscle mass, body type or metabolism. It doesn’t see all of your hard work and the small day-to-day improvements you make. It’s not the be-all, end-all.

Tips for Stressing Less

If the scale is an emotional trigger for you, listen up! Don’t let the number get you down or strip you of your confidence. After all, you’ll need that confidence if you’re determined to tackle your list of 2019 goals. Instead, consider these tips for worrying less and living more:

  • Set Boundaries with the Scale: Resolve to only use it once per week
  • Keep a Health Journal: Write down any and all of your health successes
  • Track Your NSVs: What have you accomplished beyond the scale?
  • Set a New Challenge: What’s one non-scale health goal you want to achieve?
  • Talk it Out: Find an accountability partner with whom you share your worries
  • Shift Your Thoughts: Think of the scale as empowering, not damning

No one wants to step on the scale and receive “bad” news, or feel like their hard work isn’t paying off. For that reason, it’s normal to dread stepping on the scale or think about it obsessively as you go about your routine. After all, it’s hard to quantify all of your changes.

In these scenarios, remember that weight-loss is a marathon and not a sprint. It’s also more than a number — it’s about greater health, strength, endurance and happiness. If you find yourself hung up on daily weigh-ins, let those goals drive you, not the scale.

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