Do You Have these Helpful Fitness Accessories On-hand?

Do you have these fitness accessories to boost your workout?

Fitness accessories are handy aids and gizmos (sometimes essential) that make your workout a whole lot easier and often more effective. While you really don’t need any extra equipment to get started with exercise, there are a few basics you might want to invest in or collect as you make physical activity an everyday part of your lifestyle.

Tried and True Fitness Accessories

A Sturdy, Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles do the trick, but try to invest in a quality bottle to accompany you on your workouts. Look for a bottle you can clip onto your sports bag or purse, or perhaps one with infusing capabilities so you can add herbs and fruits for extra flavor. A fun, colorful bottle can also encourage you to drink more, making hydration a lot easier to achieve.

A Pedometer

Health experts recommend taking at least 10,000 steps a day, but most people grossly overestimate the number of steps they’re actually taking. Are you staying active enough? Consider a pedometer to count your steps and calories burned for greater accuracy.

Hand Weights

2-lb, 3-lb, 5-lb and even 8-lb pound hand weights can enhance almost any exercise you do. Lift them while you go power walking, hiking, or even while watching television. They can even make simple exercises like squats a lot more versatile and challenging.

Handy Dandy Ear Phones

A motivating playlist can kick your workout up a notch, or two! If you want to listen to music, invest in a quality pair of ear phones that can easily be used while exercising. Many people find air buds, which are chord free, to be very convenient.

A Yoga Mat

Whether or not you’re a Yogi, yoga mats prove themselves useful. If you’re exercising on a hard surface or somewhere outdoors, use a mat for a making a defined space dedicated to your workout. Do your stretching routine on them or use them for squats, leg lifts, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges and more. In fact, it comes in handy for almost any stationary exercise.

Resistance Bands

If you’re working out at home, these can come in handy for simple strength training. Made out of rubber with different kinds of thickness, they add resistance when you stretch them. Pull them with your hands, arms, shoulders, feet or legs to work different muscle groups.

Are You New to Fitness?

If you’re just beginning your workout routine, first consult with your physician before starting your plan. Your health and safety are too important to risk without supervision. When you start your plan, visit these tips first to get you off on the right foot with a clear direction.

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