Discover How Meditation Can Help Your Weight Management Goals

Meditation can help you lose weight and maintain weight-loss

Meditation is a mindfulness tool that helps us become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings. It’s the practice of focusing your attention in order to find calmness and clarity. Do you ever feel like your weight journey is mentally/emotionally draining? Meditation can help!

Meditation Has Unique Benefits

This ancient practice does more than just calm your nerves and put you in a good mood. If done correctly, it can help you find your center and give you a foundation to stand upon in all aspects of your life. One of those aspects includes your physical health, and especially your weight.

Though weight gain can be associated with a number of different factors, mental health and behavior make up part of the equation. People often put on weight as a result of depression, stress, anxiety, emotional eating, body image and more.

Practicing meditation on a regular basis can help with those mental and emotional factors related to weight. Here are some benefits of meditation that can help you achieve long-term health:

Stress Management

Meditation can help you find peace in the chaos of everyday life. Getting a grip on stress can help balance your hormones, control your appetite and increase your energy levels.

Eating Patterns

Do you eat when you’re bored, stressed, angry, anxious or frustrated? Meditation can help you identify the root of your behavior and alert you as to when you really need food.

The Bigger Picture

It’s easy to obsess about the number on the scale, but in reality, your weight matters because of your health. Meditation helps you look at the complete picture of your health.

Thought Confrontation

Subconscious thoughts have a big impact on behavior. Meditation can help you break any barriers that prevent you from confronting destructive thoughts. If practiced consistently, it can replace negative thoughts with positive ones that focus on health and happiness.

Tips for Meditation

You don’t need a yoga mat and a zen room to meditate. However, you do need a quiet place free of distractions that gives you the ability to pay attention to you thoughts.

Pick a time of day that gives you a few moments to unwind and focus. Maybe it’s in the evening before bed or in the morning before you wake the kids up. It can even be on your lunch break or a weekend afternoon. Make sure you give yourself at least 10 minutes of meditation time.

If it helps, put on soothing music or background noise that enables you to relax. Turn down the lights, put on some comfy clothes and take a comfortable position. The rest is up to you! Remember to breathe deeply, relax your muscles and focus on a healthy state of mind.

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