Consider these Tips for Bouncing Back after Weight Management Setbacks

Setbacks are bound to happen on your journey with weight. Whether you’re striving toward weight-loss or struggling with maintenance, it’s normal to slip-up every now and then. In fact, sometimes you might find yourself falling off the wagon a lot.

It’s no secret that setbacks related to weight can be quite the ego buster. From the carefully prepped meals to rigorous workouts, you’ve put commendable effort into adjusting your lifestyle. So, how do you recover from the blow and regroup your way to continued success?

Know that Setbacks are Temporary

You may have suffered a fall, but you’re not down for the count. Think about sports teams who win the game after a dry spell without scoring points. You only fail if you quit trying.

Instead, let’s look to the definition of a “setback.” The term itself means “a check in progress,” according to the Webster Dictionary. This means that for a setback to occur, you would have already had to experience success! That alone is noteworthy. Now you’re simply tasked with the responsibility of making that progress continue, and this is an ongoing goal.

Practical Tips for after a Fall

Ready to get back up and throw some punches? That’s the spirit. Here’s some advice:

  • Find a New Motivation: Maybe it’s a fitness class, a recipe book or a loved one
  • Jump Back In: Don’t waste any time getting back to healthy habits
  • Seek Accountability: Lean on a close friend, family member or support group
  • Break Things Up: Shift your standard routine to keep things fresh
  • Display Your Goals: Write them on your fridge or create a vision board
  • Make an Appointment: Visit your physician, counselor or dietitian for help

Refuel for the Road ahead

Setbacks aren’t to be considered bad experiences. Instead, they teach us about ourselves and the journey we have before us. They point out our blinds spots and weaknesses so that we can see better. Think of them as opportunities — not failures.

If you’ve fallen off the wagon when it comes to managing your weight, remember that this journey will forever and always be ongoing. Even seasoned athletes can’t run the whole thing! Sometimes, you just have to pause, regroup and re-align the pieces of the puzzle.

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