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When it comes to our journey with weight, we need a lot of different things, people and resources to be successful. The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), Proud Founder and Producer of the Your Weight Matters Campaign, gets it. That’s why it created a Community that gives you the opportunity to take action for you and your health, while providing you with resources to find support and learn more your health journey and goals.

About the OAC Community

If you’re not already part of this one-of-a-kind, supportive community, you’re missing out! There is NO COST to join and it offers valuable resources to support you:

Educational Resources

Discover the latest science-based information about your weight and health. In the OAC Community, you have access to a vast article library in addition to numerous educational blogs that can help you. There’s an article written by an expert for every step of the way!

Support and Encouragement

Find support through ongoing health education and real stories from people who understand your journey. The OAC Community Discussion Forum is a great online platform where you can connect one-on-one with like minded people who have similar experiences.

Health and Wellness Corner

The OAC Community’s Health and Wellness Corner is intended to give you tools, tips, advice and resources to make a difference in your health journey. With information on nutrition, exercise, weight management options and more, get equipped with the RIGHT education.

Advocacy Resources

Learn how to take action to help individuals affected by struggles with weight. Use the OAC’s advocacy tools and Action Center to take action on important issues that matter to you!

Join Today at NO COST

The OAC Community has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in weight education or you want to take action on national/global issues like weight bias, you will find what you want here!



Learn. Connect. Engage.

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Gain the tools you need to succeed in your health journey. Join the OAC Community at NO COST and get access to: Valuable Education – Ongoing Support – Meaningful Connections – Much More

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