Busting Bad Habits: A How-to Guide for Weight Management

Busting bad habits

Losing and maintaining weight is certainly not easy, and there’s a lot of factors at stake. Take into consideration your schedule, budget, current health and specific goals. That’s likely only half of the equation!

Behavior modification, on the other hand, is in your control — and it’s one of many ways to manage your weight. Think about your daily decisions and habits that affect your health (i.e. the food you eat, supplements you take and exercise you get). Are you doing what you can to be your healthiest?

How to Bust Bad Habits and Break through to Weight Management Success

1. Eliminate Your Triggers

Does having dinner in front of the television encourage you to overeat? Skip exercise and continue watching? Do certain foods/drink produce unwanted cravings? Identify those triggers which cause you to stumble and revert to bad habits.

2. Use Substitution

Bad habits can be replaced with good ones. Do you eat when you’re stressed? Try going for a walk instead. Do you typically sit down and “veg” after a meal? Try doing the dishes, cleaning up or moving around.

3. Wait it Out

A general rule of thumb is that you can kick a bad habit after refraining from at least 30 days. If you’ve just started on your quest, don’t be discouraged. It takes time to change those behaviors which are set in stone!

4.Team up

Having accountability in another person can making anything a lot more bearable. Having trouble kicking a habit? Ask a friend, family member or significant other to help you. Open up about your goals, expectations and challenges.

5. Look to the Future

Habits are ingrained in us, which is why they’re so difficult to break! Imagine yourself down the line, free of whatever bad habits are currently holding you back. Visualize yourself succeeding and living a new life with new, healthy behaviors. You’ll be inspired!

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