Beyond the Weight-loss Honeymoon: Staying on Top of Your Game

how do you stay motivated when the weight-loss honeymoon fades away?

Yes, there’s such a thing as the weight-loss honeymoon. How do you stay motivated once all the excitement and quick results start to settle down?

The Weight-loss Honeymoon

The beginning of your weight-loss journey is thrilling. You see physical and emotional changes every day. People may start to recognize your weight-loss and compliment you. You’re feeling confident and you have a clear goal in your head for the coming months.

But after making changes to your lifestyle and in other places, what happens when the excitement starts to fade? For some people, this happens when weight-loss slows down and they hit a plateau. For others, it happens when they run out of energy or start to return to old habits.

Tips for Staying On-track

There will be many ups and downs to your weight journey, but if you want to keep your momentum after the weight-loss honeymoon, try the tips below.

Re-ignite Your “Why”

We start off strong when we are motivated by a compelling cause or a goal. Don’t let your “why” slip out of sight. Do you have an old picture of yourself that inspires you to keep going? Hang it up. Are you trying to get healthier to be active with your family? Pull out a picture of them and talk to them daily. Don’t let your “why” leave your side!

Focus on Small Goals Too

While you’d love to see a big drop in what the scale reads, don’t forget about the smaller goals you can reach everyday. Here are some examples:

  • Trying new recipes using what you’ve learned about nutrition
  • Exploring a new exercise you couldn’t do before
  • Getting off a prescription medication
  • Fitting into an old item of clothing
Think about Your Growth

While your ultimate goal may be weight-loss, this journey is about your growth, too. You will learn to make lifestyle changes that keep you happy and healthy. You will devote more time to self-care. You will have to learn patience and navigate a lot of emotional hurdles. All of these experiences will strengthen you, so reflect on them often.

Switch Things up

Boredom can derail you fast! Find new ways to spice-up your healthy routines. Explore new recipes and cuisines with flavors you haven’t tried before. Try a new exercise or pass-up the gym one day for a run in your neighborhood. Instead of working out alone, grab a friend.

Commit to Consistency

There will be times when your successes tempt you to “slack off” more than you might want to. Temptation is the real deal, but remember you are devoted to consistency and moderation. If you can strike a balance between healthy lifestyle habits and taking a break every now and then, you’ll stay on the right track. Just don’t use the “every now and then” excuse, well, every day.


Remember that your journey with weight is for you, your health and all of the amazing things you are capable of. The honeymoon period is exciting but it does end. To continue going strong, remember these essential elements that will ensure long-term success.

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