Beyond Food: Finding Joy in Social Events

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Social events can be the highlight of our year. From birthday parties to holiday get-togethers, these special moments bring us closer to our loved ones and offer memories to last a lifetime.

But there’s a trend to social events we often don’t realize: they nearly all involve food. Whether it’s going out to eat at a restaurant, hosting a cook-out or making dinner for your house guests, there’s almost always an element of food involved.

Social Events vs Weight Management

For some people on the journey with weight management, social events can be difficult to navigate. Food can be a sensitive topic, but especially in the presence of friends and family.

This is the case for many reasons. Oftentimes, the social situation puts pressure on the individual to make decisions about what to eat (or what not to eat). In these instances, there is usually a very limited selection of food items to choose from.

In other circumstances, family and friends may not understand the individual’s journey with weight and what it entails. It can very difficult for other people to “get it” if they have not traveled the path themselves. This is especially true when deep-seated emotions are involved such as stress, shame, guilt, boredom or anxiety.

Navigating Social Events beyond Food

No one should have to avoid social events because they are on the journey with weight and health. Consider the following tips for looking beyond the element of food and focusing on what’s most important: the company of loved ones.

  • Eat before arriving to avoid food temptation or limited options
  • Express your concerns and goals to your loved ones
  • Instead of going out to eat, suggest an alternative activity
  • Bring your own healthy food to events to have on-hand
  • Focus on company rather than what’s on the table

Looking for Other Ways to Re-focus Social Events?

For now, there’s no escaping the fact that most social events are focused on food. And when you’re on the weight management journey, a lot of lifestyle changes must take place – including the way you navigate these social situations.

For additional tips to help you prepare and conquer, please CLICK HERE.

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