Making Fitness Fun: The Benefits of Group Exercise

Fitness Group Exercise

For many, the very thought of exercise brings feelings of dread and discomfort. In fact, “exercise” is commonly referred to as a chore or something quite burdening. If you’re thinking about exercise and you find yourself saying something along the lines of, “I’m really not looking forward to my workout today,” then it may be time to reconsider your approach!

Benefit from Group Exercise

Group fitness activities can offer some surprising twists on the traditional concept of exercise. However, they provide a wonderful host of unique benefits that can be valuable to one’s weight management goals, including:

  • Motivation – Stay inspired with inspiration and encouragement from others
  • Variety – Group fitness can take many forms
  • Structure – With the guidance of a fitness instructor and a specific plan, it’s easier to stick to your workout
  • Energy – The feeling of doing something “together” can keep you energized and focused
  • FUN – It’s FUN to spend time with other people – especially those with the same goals!

Where Do I Get Started?

If you’re thinking about participating in group exercise as a way to recharge your fitness routine, there are plenty of ways to get started.

  • Invite People You Know – If you know of friends, family members or even coworkers who have similar goals as you for their weight and health, consider inviting them to form a fitness group that allows for you to work out together.
  • See What’s Available at Your Local Gym – Most gyms offer structured fitness classes where you can sign-up for sessions that are led by trusted professionals and teachers.
  • Visit a Nearby Community Center – Many community and neighborhood recreation centers offer group classes and gatherings where you can work out with a group in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Participate in Team Sports – Sports are the perfect balance of fitness and competition! Check to see what local sports teams or gatherings are available to you. Neighborhood recreation centers often provide community members with the option to sign-up and participate in group sports such as bowling, kickball, basketball, etc.

Looking for Other Ways to Get Active and Have Fun in the Process?

There are plenty of ways to “spice up” your workout routine so it doesn’t seem like a chore! For more tips, you can view of one our past blog topics on the topic by CLICKING HERE.

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One thought on “Making Fitness Fun: The Benefits of Group Exercise

  1. I’m planning to join a group exercise because I feel like this will help motivate me to further reach my ideal weight. Thank you for sharing here that it would be best to invite friends and family members that share the same goal and interest. Well, you’re also right that this will be more fun and exciting!

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