Connecting Aerobic Activity with Weight and Health

Aerobic exercise offers unique benefits!

Many people ask me, “Why is aerobic activity important?” But in my mind, the question should be asked as, “Why ISN’T aerobic activity important?”

Aerobic exercise matters for a number of different reasons – too many to list, let alone read in one sitting. Not only is it extremely beneficial to the metabolic and muscular systems in  the body, but’s it’s necessary for how we function on a daily basis – right down to the tiniest cell. So many different benefits exist that it’s quite easy to build a powerful case for aerobic exercise.

What is Aerobic Activity? How Does it Help?

Aerobic exercise involves transporting oxygen to your muscles during low-intensity exercise. However, this is different from the term “aerobic work” which does NOT require oxygen. This is because during high intensity (anaerobic) exercise, energy is required more quickly than during a low-intensity workout.

The key to our body’s metabolism and long-term weight management is aerobic exercise. This type of exercise uses stored fat as energy when performing low-intensity work. Without oxygen, fat burning not accomplished. When exercise intensity goes up, so does the speed at which our body burns energy. Since fat conversion requires the uptake of oxygen, the process is too slow to provide the body with energy quickly enough. The body then seeks carbs for energy because they are more available. Be aware that if your body is burning carbs, the fat stays!

More Benefits to Aerobic Activity

Aerobic eactivity is a powerful way to improve your quality of life and manage your weight long-term. The benefits of aerobic work can have a lasting impact on mental, physical and emotional health. Consistent exercise will:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Improve heart health
  • Sustain energy levels
  • Decrease joint pain
  • Improve muscle tone

No matter what you weigh, aerobic exercise gives you access to a healthier and happier body, a clearer mind and  greater self-confidence. Your body has the opportunity to function at its fullest potential! It also prevents colds, coughs and sickness. It’s a win win! When done correctly, efficiently and with correct form, you can only benefit from aerobic exercise. I would hope that it wouldn’t take much more convincing than that!

How Much and What Should I do?

Ideally, this would be the question to follow since you are now interested in obtaining all of these health benefits. Depending on when you were last on any regular exercise routine plus the current health state of your joints, you will want to slowly progress to exercising for 15 to 60 minutes daily – ideally three to four times per week. This duration of activity is proven to improve metabolism, heart health and muscle tone.

Choosing which activity to do is the fun part. Explore new and exciting places, meet new people and learn new things! Low-intensity walking, biking, swimming or even skating are all acceptable for aerobic exercise. What gets you up on your feet? Now is the time to find out!

So, Why Not?

You wouldn’t deprive your car of a needed oil change, would you? Exercise is the body’s maintenance checkup. Creating work for the body keeps organs, muscles and bones in good health… just like how fresh oil makes your vehicle run.  Give yourself a chance to unlock all the powerful benefits of exercise and see why it’s so good for you,

Find out what gets you on your feet and enjoying life. With consistency, body awareness and healthy nutrition, you will be able to feel all of the wonderful, life-altering results of aerobic exercise beyond weight management. You can’t lose – only gain!

About the Author:
Working within the health field for many years, Laurel Dierking, MEd, NFPT, is passionate about cultivating body, mind and spirit awareness through holistic health practices. As a Health and Fitness Professional and yoga instructor at JKFITNESS, Laurel strives to guide individuals on a path to self-awareness, long-term functional fitness and weight management.

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