6 Low-impact Workouts that Reap Great Health Benefits

Low-impact Workout Ideas

Low-impact workouts are a great solution if you want to get or stay fit, but you struggle with mobility or join pain. They are also a great choice if you want to take a break from higher-intensity workouts since they are easier on the body.

Although they are less extreme, low-impact workouts are still effective. They can help you improve your balance, build muscle and boost weight-loss, especially when paired with a healthy diet and overall lifestyle.

If you’re not sure what a low-impact workout looks like, here are some examples.

Ideas for Effective Low-impact Workouts


Hiking is a great way to get moving while enjoying the great outdoors. For a low-impact workout, choose a low-grade terrain without many steep inclines. Going on nature walks in local preserves or parks is also a good way to spend time outside while increasing your step count. Pick up the speed if you want a little more of a challenge.

Swimming and Water Aerobics

Swimming and water aerobics are both full-body workouts that are easy on the joints while reaping a ton of health benefits. They burn calories while toning muscles, building strength and endurance, and increasing your heart rate without stressing your body.


Pilates is a form of low-impact, full-body exercise that strengthens muscles while improving posture, alignment, and flexibility. You can do it with or without equipment, but the workout is meant to be slow and precise as you focus on your breathing.


Yoga is different from Pilates in that it can be used to improve the flexibility of your body while gradually increasing the flexibility of your joints. Pilates, on the other hand, focuses on trying to relax tense muscles while strengthening numerous muscles at the same time.


An elliptical machine adds the intensity of a running workout without putting stress on your joints because your feet never come off the equipment.

Low-impact Weights

Most strength-training exercises are low-impact, but they still work up a sweat and elevate your heart rate. Use either your body weight or hand weights to tone various muscles in your legs, arms, abs, shoulders, rear end and pretty much anywhere.


Despite their name, low-impact workouts can be very effective. Not only do they get you up and moving, but they can help you improve your balance, mobility and more. They are especially helpful if you struggle with mobility or joint issues or if you want to lower your risk for injury while doing physical activity.

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