5 Reasons to Schedule a Health Exam or Checkup this January

This January, be proactive and schedule a health exam or checkup

The start of a new year is a great time to schedule an exam or checkup with your healthcare team. Some of us only go to the doctor when we’re experiencing a problem or we need a refill on medication, but the most proactive thing you can do for your health is stay on top of it!

Routine Exams and Checkups Give You a Leg up on Your Health

Paying close attention to your health is something you should do on a day-to-day basis, but scheduling routine exams and checkups can take your health management to the next level.

Knowledge is definitely power, but it’s also not uncommon to have healthcare-related anxiety and fear of making that next appointment — especially if you’re concerned about your weight and health. Here are 5 key reasons to make that next appointment anyway:

1. Prevent Health Problems

Annual or even bi-annual physicals give you and your provider a good idea of your health status. These appointments give you a chance to detect any serious underlying issues before they become a problem. If you’re working on any health-related goals, this is also a great time to speak with your provider about the best ways to accomplish them.

2. Strengthen Your Patient-Provider Partnership

The relationships you have with your healthcare team are some of your most important, but your providers don’t have a lot of information to go off of if they seldom see you. Regular appointments help establish and grow trust, honesty and faith in your healthcare goals.

3. Create and Manage Your Goals

In January, the majority of us map out goals for our health, and weight-related goals are certainly no exception. But what should your weight goals look like? What others goals (beyond the scale) should you also be aiming for? Your healthcare team may have some insight.

4. Save Money

How can dealing with messy co-pays and exam fees keep money in your wallet? It all goes back to preventable health problems. The more you see your healthcare team and stay on top of your health, the more likely you are to catch any issues before they become too serious and require surgery, expensive medications and testing. Think about the long-term benefit!

5. Update Your Records/Get New Information

A new appointment gives you the opportunity to renew your prescriptions, get blood work, update your vaccines and ask about new and improved treatment options. Think of it as a refresher course and a learning opportunity that puts you in control of your health.

Need a Healthcare Provider?

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