5 Key Tips for Mastering Unwanted Cravings

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Cravings come in many different shapes and forms. Be it a sweet treat just before your bedtime, a salty snack to curb your mid-day appetite or a mouth watering meal that’s heavy with meat and carbohydrates, mastering our cravings can be tough – especially if we don’t have the right defense mechanisms in place.

5 Important Tips for Breaking through Unwanted Cravings

Sometimes “willpower” just isn’t enough, and that’s okay. Food cravings are a completely natural response to our brain’s reward system – and although they can be difficult to overcome, there are a few simple strategies you can lock in place to aid you with your weight management goals:

Close-off the Kitchen

Giving yourself physical boundaries can often serve as a mental reminder of your goals. For example, if you find that your weakness lies in post-dinner snacks, set a “kitchen curfew” of 7 or 8 pm. This way, you’ll be less tempted to rummage through the pantry or refrigerator for a snack to satisfy your craving.

Find a Healthy Substitute

You don’t always have to deny yourself the things you want, especially if you can find healthier alternatives. Are you wanting a sweet, cold and creamy treat? Swap out ice cream for low-fat frozen yogurt. Do you find yourself hungering for a handful of salty potato chips? Try lightly-salted, no-butter popcorn.

Distract Yourself

Cravings often occur as a bi-product of boredom or idleness. This may be a great time to get up and stretch, take a walk or participate in some other physical activity. You might even read a book, play a game or call a friend.

Assess How You Feel

Apart from boredom, cravings are also common when we experience emotions such as sadness, stress or anxiety. They can be a way to occupy our mind and distract ourselves from what we’re feeling. Before giving into an unwanted craving, ask yourself “How do I feel right now?”

Replenish with Water

Water does an excellent job at reducing hunger, appetite and certain cravings. It also serves a dual purpose of regulating our metabolism, boosting energy and keeping our body in perfect balance! For more on the benefits of hydration, CLICK HERE.

The next time you’re experiencing a food craving that is difficult to brush away, don’t fret – you can still stay on track with your weight management goals. Simply pause, assess your motivation and then decide if any of these strategies will work for you.

… Just remember: everything in moderation is okay, too!

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