5 “Gotta Do Em’s” for Healthy, Long-term Weight Management

Practice patience on your weight management journey.

Weight management encompasses many factors. Though diet and exercise are part of the equation, it’s never that simple! Weight management is a journey, and you need healthy habits to make it stick. Check-out these five essentials you’ll always need to find success and keep it.

Weight Management Requires…

Professional and Personal Support

Yes, weight struggles are taboo. They’re hard to talk about. But finding guidance and support with the help of others is invaluable! For personal support, look to friends, family members and peers with similar interests. For professional support, establish care with health providers like primary care physicians, dietitians, mental health counselors, surgeons, nurse practitioners, etc.

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Evidence-based Education

There are tons of gimmicks, false claims and sensational headlines out there about weight and health. Just look at the magazine section of your local supermarket or do a quick Google search! For weight management to be successful long-term, you need evidence-based resources. The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) Community has them waiting for you… at no cost!

A Healthy Mindset

You aren’t to blame if you struggle with weight. You aren’t a failure if you see the scale reach unintended ranges or not even budge at all. This is a journey, and there will always be ups and downs. Focus on the present moment and what you can do right now. So long as you make good efforts with good intentions, you’re on the right track. Keep it going.

A Multi-dimensional Plan

To manage your weight, you have to tackle healthy habits in nutrition, exercise, healthcare, stress control, etc. That’s a lot to keep track of! Write your goals out on paper and draft-out ways to achieve them. Then, when you’re ready to kick-start the next leg of your journey, create a solid plan with details to act as your blueprint. Follow that plan and make small adjustments.

Lasting Motivation

Progress is fleeting if you don’t have anything to look forward to. What makes you tick? Maybe it’s improving weight-related health conditions or being around for a family member. Maybe it’s the desire to achieve a physical accomplishment you’ve never done before. Maybe it’s just self-improvement. Envision those goals at every step of your journey to stay afloat.

Final Thoughts:

Of course, there are many other things to keep in mind, but these five essentials offer a foundation you can build upon. You can’t build a house and focus on the interior unless the bones are established! Remember that this is a journey and you’re only human. Small steps lead to big outcomes. Follow these five essentials and you’re well on your way!

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