A 2017 Reflection: Looking Back on Your Year

Practice patience on your weight management journey.

As 2017 comes to a close, many people take this time to reflect on their accomplishments, goals and challenges over the past year. It’s your moment to look back on your weight management journey and see what worked, what didn’t and what you’d like to improve upon.

Starting Your 2017 Reflection

Sometimes, the key to moving forward is to actually look backward – but only briefly! Before the year is over, set aside some alone time to revisit your journey with weight and health in 2017. It helps to have a piece of paper or a journal with you to write on, as you might want to take notes or jot some important things down.

Once you’ve gathered any materials you will need, find a secluded space that’s quiet enough for you to reflect in. Then, take a few deep breaths to prepare yourself. Oftentimes, it can be emotionally overwhelming to think about our weight and the struggles, successes and challenges we’ve had. But being vulnerable with yourself will allow you to practice mindfulness and lay the foundation for future growth.

What to Consider…

When assessing your progress in 2017, what exactly should you ask yourself?

Have I Met My Goals?

You likely started the year with goals in mind for nutrition, fitness, etc. Maybe you vowed to go to the gym more often or simply move more. Maybe you promised you’d throw out the junk food in your kitchen and keep healthy, whole foods around. Have you stayed on top of these goals? If not, why?

How Do I Feel?

Of course, you’ve likely experienced many emotions this year. But when you reflect on 2017 as a whole, how do you feel? Is it proud, frustrated, anxious, hopeless or hopeful? Write these feelings down and try to identify the reason behind them.

What Challenged Me?

You’ll always have challenges on your weight management journey, but you learn from them. Think about any roadblocks you hit this year or what things you might have struggled with. How did you move past them? What can you take away from them?

What Needs More Work?

What areas of your journey could use some improvement? Maybe it’s a change to your eating habits, organizational skills or exercise routine. Try to reflect on what parts of your journey were semi-successful or not so successful. Those are the areas to hone-in on in 2017.

While we wait for the start of the New Year, we thank you for following along with the Your Weight Matters Blog!

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