12 Wellness Gifts for Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Cooking appliances such as air fryers, shown here, make great wellness gifts.

Gifts of wellness can inspire confidence, motivation and self-care. Whether you want to treat yourself or a loved one, there are many great ideas you can add to your shopping list that are meaningful, impactful and long-lasting.

Ideas for Wellness Gifts

  • Cooking Tools: Do you have dingy baking sheets, missing measuring cups and sub-par cooking utensils? An upgrade to your cooking tools can do the trick. New kitchen items can inspire at-home cooking and healthy new recipes. Consider shopping for utensils, storage containers, skillets, or even larger ticket items such as an air fryer or instant pot that can make cooking fun and easy.
  • Gym Clothes: Getting to the gym can be especially difficult during cold weather. New exercise bottoms, workout shoes or workout shirts can motivate you to move more this winter. Invest in some fun colors to brighten up those dreary days!
  • Gift Cards to Fitness Classes: Exercise classes can be expensive, but also very motivating and engaging. A gift card to a few yoga sessions, spin classes, or a fitness boot camp can be a fun and exciting way to try something new.
  • Massage: Taking care of your body is invaluable. A massage can reduce stress, help with muscle soreness and provide relaxation time. What a great gift!
  • Gift Cards to Grocery Stores or Healthy Restaurants: Food prices are rising due to inflation, so it can be difficult to try the foods you want. A gift card to a grocery store can making shopping less stressful and more exciting, while a gift card to a healthy restaurant is great for a date night out.
  • Spices: A variety of spices and seasonings make great stocking stuffers and can spice up any meal! Mix things up with special select seasonings from the gourmet section of the store.
  • A Cookbook: It’s easy to find recipes online, but there is something to be said about flipping through a cook book for your next meal.
  • Relaxation Items: Stress relief is important for healthy living. Taking time to rest and relax should not be undervalued. A candle, essential oils, new bath soap, or a pair of warm and fuzzy socks can help you or a loved one wind down and refuel.
  • A Fitness Tracker: For some, monitoring your daily steps and heart rate can be big motivators for physical activity. Trackers can sometimes be pricey, but there are often great deals during the holiday season, especially on older models.
  • At-home Gym Equipment: Sometimes, when the weather is bad or motivation is low, at-home workout equipment can be a lifesaver. A yoga mat, a pair of dumbbells or some resistance bands are great for winter workouts.
  • A Journal: Mental health and wellness are important, and journaling has been shown to reduce stress and improve mental health.
  • A Donation to Charity: Helping others is both rewarding and fulfilling. This holiday season, give a donation to a charity in someone’s name, or let them choose a charity of their choice.

Regardless of what wellness gives you choose to give this holiday season, enjoy this time celebrating others and sneak in some health as well!

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