Your Kitchen: A Cornerstone of Your Wellness Plan

Your kitchen is a cornerstone of your health and wellness plan

You make many decisions each day that impact your health in one way or another. From your workouts to your days at the office, good health is dependent on all areas of your life. That includes your very own home where your kitchen plays an important role.

Some of our strongest food habits start in our kitchen. It is where you prepare, cook and pack a lot of your foods. You probably spend a lot of time in here, so the behaviors you do most often tend to become patterns you follow regularly. This is why it’s important to stock it with healthful foods, keep it organized and make it a room you truly enjoy.

Tips for a Healthy Kitchen

Stocking-up on the Necessities

A stocked kitchen makes you prepared. You will be less likely to eat out or on-the-go. Make sure you have staples on hand that you use frequently:

  • Spices: Salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, etc.
  • Oils: Olive, avocado, truffle, coconut, etc.
  • Grains: Oatmeal, quinoa, farro, brown rice, etc.
  • Produce: Fruits, vegetables, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes
  • Proteins: Lean turkey, chicken and beef; seafood
  • Drinks: Water, black tea, protein drinks, no sugar beverages
Cleaning and Organization

You will also want to make sure your kitchen is kept clean and organized. Spills, stains and lots of clutter can deter you from preparing food or grabbing something fresh from the fridge. A clean kitchen is one that is enjoyable and easy to find things in.

  • Clear all dishes from the sink by the time you go to bed
  • Wipe your stove top each night and keep the surface/coils clean
  • Throw away old, expired and rotten food on a daily basis
  • Keep all your similar items together (ex: cans)
  • Wipe and sweep your floor often, and vaccum any area rugs
  • Wipe away soap scum and food stains from sinks/counter tops
  • Use your fridge, a bulletin board, etc. to display grocery lists


A kitchen that is stocked and organized will keep you focused on your goals for weight management and nutrition. You are more likely to store and choose healthy foods, cook meals at home, and meal prep for the work week ahead with assistance from your kitchen. Good nutrition starts right in your home, so take care of this important room!

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