Your Workout Music Playlist for September!

September playlist

One of the biggest challenges to going out and getting active is a lack of motivation, but listening to music while you exercise has the power to change that! By pumping up the volume on the right selection of songs, you can get inspired to keep moving and keep pushing harder. Music is a great tool to use for achieving your fitness goals for all of the following reasons:

  • It makes you want to move
  • It elevatesyour mood
  • It helps you keep a steady pace
  • It distracts you from the act of exercising
  • It increases your focus

So, each month, we aim to bring you an all-new Spotify workout music playlist created just for YOU! This month, we’ve compiled a variety of different songs from numerous genres that can aid you on your journey toward better weight and health. The songs on this list were contributed by other Campaign Challengers such as yourself, who want to help inspire and motivate others along the way.

The full track list is one hour long and filled with energetic, positive music to help propel you in the right direction. Get motivated, get active and get jamming!

Submit Your Own Spotify Playlist and Encourage Others!

Do YOU have any specific songs or music that stands out when you exercise? We want you to share them with us so other Campaign Challengers can hear them!

To help motivate others, simply follow these directions:

  • First, build your own Spotify playlist with the songs you love and want to share. Try to include enough songs for about 45 minutes – 1 hour’s worth of listening. As a guideline, try to pick songs and albums that you believe will help uplift other Campaign Challengers during their workouts. Also, try to include music that is free of profanity and explicit language.
  • Next, share your Spotify playlist by emailing the link to mstep@obesityaction.org. We may add your music to next month’s Your Weight Matters Workout Playlist!
  • If you don’t want to build and share an entire playlist, feel free to use the email above to send in any individual songs that you think will motivate others!

Looking for More Motivation?

You can check out last month’s Your Weight Matters Workout Music Playlist by CLICKING HERE.


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