Dive into Fitness with May’s Workout Music Playlist!

Dive into Fitness with May's Workout Music Playlist

Warmer weather and plenty of sunshine call for a tune-up of your workout music playlist! With summer well on the way, it’s the perfect time to recycle some of your old songs for fresher, vibrant tunes that will keep you moving and grooving all season long as you work toward at your weight management goals.

Music has a unique and special ability to elevate our mood, inspire creativity and determination, and keep us energized for extended periods of time – even if we’re working up a sweat with fitness! This May, fill up your music reservoir with some new beats we’ve compiled just for you and we’ll get moving together!

Freshen Your Fitness Routine with Brand-new Workout Music!

The below playlist offers just above one hour’s worth of powerful, feel-good music from a wide variety of genres:

Inspire Others to Keep Moving, Too!

Do YOU have any music that inspires you to stay active and increases your focus on your goals? We want you to share them so others can benefit!

To help motivate others with the same music that has inspired you, simply follow these steps:

  • First, build your own Spotify playlist with the songs you love and want to share. Try to include enough songs for about 45 minutes – one hour’s worth of listening. As a guideline, try to pick songs and albums that you believe will help uplift others during their workouts. Also, try to include music that is free of profanity and explicit language.
  • Next, share your Spotify playlist by emailing the link to [email protected]. We may add your music to next month’s Your Weight Matters workout playlist!
  • If you don’t want to build and share an entire playlist, you may use the email listed above to submit individual songs.

Looking for More Music Motivation?

You can check out last month’s Your Weight Matters Workout Music Playlist by CLICKING HERE.


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