How to Support Yourself in Your Own Health Journey

Finding support in your pursuit of health is crucial. Going at it alone can be difficult, especially when you’re mentally exhausted and frustrated with the outcomes.

But when it comes to managing your weight, like many others, you might find that you aren’t getting support from the person you need it from the most: yourself. We can be our own worst critic and put undue pressure on ourselves that isn’t needed.

Support = Compassion

One of the best tools you can use on your health journey is self-compassion, which comes from giving yourself the support and care you need. When you listen to your mind and body, taking time to treat them with respect, you will start to develop healthier thoughts, habits and behaviors that support your goals.

Self-support and self-compassion help build resiliency, a positive body image, and confidence in your own skin regardless of your weight and size.

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Here are some tips to support yourself in all stages of your health journey. They come from Dr. Robert Kushner, an obesity medicine specialist and author of the book “Six Factors to Fit: Weight-loss that Works for YOU.”

1 – Be Gentle on Yourself

Worrying about where you’ve gone wrong in the past or what you might do wrong in the future will just create more anxiety. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Instead, stop judging and start forgiving yourself for any decisions or thoughts you aren’t proud of. We all make them and have them, but dwelling on them doesn’t make things better.

2 – Let Go of Perfectionism

Perfect doesn’t exist, and Dr. Kushner reminds us of this by bringing up the 80/20 rule. If you are on your game 80% of the time, leaving 20% for flexibility and more discretionary decision-making, you are likely to do better. This doesn’t just apply to managing your weight but also managing all other aspects of your life, like your job or relationships.

3 – Remind Yourself of What You Value

Our values give us meaning. You are more likely to find success if you focus on your values and the kind of life you want to live. Here are some popular ones:

  • Being around longer to spend time with family
  • Being able to pursue hobbies like hiking, bike riding or golf
  • Being healthy
  • Feeling confident to set goals and reach them

The best thing you can do is surround yourself with a support system that includes both you and the people in your life you’ve chosen to lean on. When you can learn to really support yourself, it can help you find deeper self-compassion and self-love. These things will make it easier to reach your goals and live a happy, healthy life.

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