Fun, Budget-friendly Ways to Improve Your Fitness Level

There are plenty of easy, cost-friendly ways to improve your fitness level. Try these

Improving your fitness level is not only a great way to get healthier, but also a huge motivator. Who doesn’t want more energy and confidence? No matter what stage of you’re fitness journey you’re in right now, there are always activities that you can modify and do to strengthen your body.

Exercise Can Be Free and Budget-friendly

Not a big fan of the gym or related fitness facilities? That’s okay. You don’t have to pay high membership or club fees to get active. Movement of any kind is beneficial to weight management and to be honest, just your overall health and mood in general.

Looking to get active with your family this summer, but wanting to stay in your budget and save? Try these budget-friendly fitness activities that will not only burn calories, but build muscle and boost your mood by releasing powerful endorphins.

Hike a Challenging Terrain

Hiking can be so much more than just walking through nature. A course or trail with uneven ground and incline can really challenge your muscles. Opt for nearby nature parks, preserves or state forests and go exploring off the beaten path. Your endurance and muscle tone will greatly improve!

Do Something Different for Date Night

Looking for a fun date night away from home? You aren’t limited to dinner and drinks. Consider bonding in a more active way such as going through a walk downtown, sight-seeing through the city, touring a museum or attraction or going dancing.

Take the Pups Out for More Walks

Walking your dog is not only great for your furry friend, but for your own fitness too. Don’t have a dog? Offer to walk your neighbor’s. Explore different walking routes, parks and outdoor activities to switch-up your routine and keep things interesting.

Make a Splash and Just Keep Swimming

Did you know that freestyle swimming for just one hour can burn more than 400 calories? This is a low-impact exercise that is also a total-body workout. Challenge your arms, legs and core by doing laps around the pool and beating the heat while you’re at it.

Lift While You Watch Television

Ready to take a breather and watch your favorite show? You can still get active at the same time. Invest in a set of hand weights and lift them while you watch T.V. Start with smaller weights and gradually increase the weight you lift over time. Talk about productivity!

Make a Commitment to More Yard Work

There’s always an opportunity for yard work, especially if you have a lawn that needs mowing and a garden that needs tending to. Get active and challenge your body by sweating it out while you dig, rake, mow, plant, weed and build. You’ll feel exhausted, but so proud of your living space!

Looking for more ways to move on a budget and improve your fitness level? CLICK HERE for a previous Your Weight Matters Blog post on fitness ideas done by using items from your home.

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