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Sometimes, as you are working to build a healthy lifestyle, one roadblock can be your family. Coming up with a plan early on can be key to your success! Take a minute to read the steps below to help your family jump on board.


The most important step is communication. Take a minute to let your family know the health goals and changes you would like to work on as a family. They may not know how a few simple lifestyle changes can impact their health. You also never know… after your discussion, they may have their own health goals!

Ask for Their Ideas

We all have our own ideas and our own likes and dislikes. Have a family discussion to talk about what everyone is interested in. If you have a goal of cooking more meals at home, pull up recipes online or grab your favorite cookbook and see what your spouse or kids might like to try. Involve them in a trip to the grocery store and let them choose the produce for the week, or choose the yogurt to add to your child’s lunch box.

Realize Kids Have Different Needs and Plans  

Sometimes, adults want their kids to follow the same plan for better health that they are working on. It’s important to remember that restricting calories, carbohydrates or certain nutrients is probably not the best plan for your kids since they have different needs. Instead of putting your family on a restrictive plan, work on healthy lifestyle changes such as eliminating soda from your house, adding a fresh fruit to your child’s lunch box, or serving a new vegetable at dinner each night. These small changes can make a big difference long-term.

Make it Fun

Realize there are different ways to make this journey enjoyable! For example, if you want to increase your family’s physical activity, look for exciting ways to do that. Try a hike in a new park down the street, challenge them to a family basketball game, or take the family for an afternoon swim at a local pool or lake. These fun, creative ideas may make it easier for you and your family to do more healthy activities.

Look for Balance

It is important to look for balance when embarking on a lifestyle change. No one is perfect. What does balance look like? Balance can be having a healthy meal and then going out for an ice cream treat. Balance can be resting your body and having a day to relax and recover. Adding balance to your lifestyle can keep you focused and mindful of where you want to be.

Celebrate the Wins

Did you cook healthy meals all week? Did your family find time to exercise this week? Celebrate each win and recognize all of the success you are taking towards your goals. Small changes can have a big impact on your health. Watch them add up over time.

Here’s to your health!


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