Customize Your Weight-loss Plan for Results that Stick

Customize your weight-loss plan for results that stick

How many times have you tried to copy a friend’s success with their smoothie diet or fasting cleanse? What about a co-worker who manages to hit the gym every morning at 5:00, or a family member who swears by the commercial diet she’s been trying for the past couple months?

We all have different plans for our health. Our bodies vary, as do our goals. It’s well-known that biology, environment and behavior all contribute to our weight and our ability to manage it. However, those factors look different for each person. Our family history, cultural background and lifestyles shape our experiences. As a result, our weight and health can be byproducts of those circumstances.

That’s why it’s so important to customize your weight-loss plan to find what works best for you. That way, success doesn’t just appear briefly and leave; it sticks around for the long haul.

Customize Your Weight-loss Plan for Real Results

By customizing your plan, you can maximize your health and make the best out of your journey. Consider these tips when crafting your weight-loss strategy:

Determine Your Health Status

Before beginning any plan, see where your health lies at this moment. Are you experiencing any weight-related conditions like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pain or trouble moving around? Have you been told that you are at risk for certain conditions? With help from a professional, complete a thorough health exam to identify what needs improvement.

Consult Your Healthcare Provider

As an extension to the above point, consult a trusted healthcare provider for a thorough examination of your health. A professional can run lab tests and give you a better idea as to what areas of your health are a priority at this moment. This will also give you the advantage of having your vitals checked and asking any important questions you may have. For assistance with starting the (sometimes tough) conversation about weight and its impact on your health with your healthcare provider, please CLICK HERE.

Assess Your Current Fitness Level

Exercise is essential to any health management plan, but not all routines work for everyone. Some people need to start slow and begin working on their mobility, while others may want to start with more advanced cardio and strength training exercises. By assessing your current fitness level, you’ll know where to begin with exercise and how/when you should progress.

Do a Self-reflection

Our unconscious thoughts and behaviors also shape our weight and health. By doing introspective exercises, you might notice how your emotions, nutrition habits and social circles all affect your ability to manage your weight. After your self-reflection, analyze and assess what areas may need improvement so you can make bigger steps forward in the right direction.

Give Your Schedule a Good Look

We all have different schedules, life demands and responsibilities. That’s okay. That’s also why you should know what you realistically have time to commit to in the way of goal-setting. If your schedule is fairly open and you have time to put in hours at the gym or do extensive grocery shopping, that’s fantastic! However, others with tighter schedules may need to adopt different strategies and modify their schedules to find what works best for them.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that what works for someone else might not work for you. And there’s no shame in that! Many different factors work together to shape your environment, biology, genes, personality and health. That’s one reason weight management is often called a journey. It’s tough because you learn a lot of things about yourself along the way, and no one else can put in the work for you. So enjoy the process and remember that customization is key for your weight-loss plan.

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