Exercising with a Workout Partner Can Yield Many Benefits

Exercise Benefits with friends; Accountability Partner

Do you have a workout partner that helps you navigate your fitness journey? If not, you should!

A workout partner is an invaluable resource if you have weight and health management goals. Many people treat exercise as a solitary activity, or something to be done in private because it’s often accompanied by feelings of self-consciousness. This is understandable, but working alongside a partner can yield astounding benefits! Let’s tackle a few of them below.

Benefits of a Workout Partner

Your workout partner can take many different forms. Perhaps they’re a friend, spouse, child, co-worker or other loved one. You might even have more than one partner! In fact, group exercise can be a powerful ally. Consider a workout partner if you’re interested in any of the following:

Extra Fun and Enjoyment

People are social creatures by instinct. We enjoy having people around us, especially when those people share common interests. Exercising with a partner can combine social hour with workout hour! Share a laugh, exchange stories and enjoy each other’s company. You’re likely to enjoy your workout a lot more, which will help you stay consistent.

Safety and Accuracy

When our minds are glued to movement, we can easily forget common safety factors. For example, you may use the wrong form for a strength-training exercise or take a walk somewhere that isn’t safe. Having a partner can help you spot-check your physical performance and identify any danger/injury. They’re a second pair of eyes when you need it!

Increased Motivation

Sometimes music doesn’t cut it. A workout partner can offer valuable encouragement and even help you find your competitive streak. Their company can be the extra push you need to get going. When the road gets patchy, they can help move you through it – literally.

Added Variety

When you exercise by yourself, you’re more likely to get stuck in a rut with your routine. However, finding a workout partner can help you try new things. A Saturday hike might be great for the weekend, but a neighborhood jog would be fun for Monday. When you’re out of ideas, your workout partner may have some. Or, they could bring out your creativity.

Quicker Progress

For a number of different reasons, having a workout partner can help you reach your goals faster. This is likely due to increased motivation, renewed energy and competition, extra support and fun combined with fitness. If you feel like your goals are out of reach, or like you’ve hit a plateau, consider finding a partner to walk your fitness journey with you.

Final Thoughts

Though a workout partner can be invaluable, you must also put thought into who you choose to fill this role. Your partner should be reliable, punctual, encouraging and understanding of your goals. They should also have similar interests and a schedule that is compatible with your own. Finally, make sure they are someone you enjoy being around! The extra “fun” in fitness can make a big difference in how quickly, and how effectively, your goals are reached.

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