Begin Your Fitness Journey with Progression

Fitness progression

It’s no secret that fitness is an important part of weight management. It is generally recommended that most adults get at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week, and sometimes even more if you’re trying to lose weight.

It’s even common knowledge that a successful exercise routine consists of a combination of activities – including cardio, strength and resistance training. But what many people don’t know is one of the most overlooked keys to successful weight management: Your Fitness Journey begins with progression. 

Progression Leads to Long-term Success

We get it. Patience can be difficult when you’re trying to lose weight or reach a goal. But successful, long-term weight management doesn’t work this way, and slow progress will lead you to sustainability.

Proper exercise and activity should be progressive. Nothing happens overnight – especially when it comes to making changes to our body. Not everyone’s body is built the same, and we’re all at different levels of fitness. Do you think someone who is just beginning their weight management journey can safely and successfully perform the same activities as someone who has been on the journey for months or years?

Tips for Beginning with Progression

  • Know Your Body – Identify your skills, abilities and current fitness level.
  • Set Specific Short-term Goals – These are things you can accomplish in the meantime while you’re on your way to achieving those grander aspirations (like large amounts of weight-loss, for example).
  • Start off Small – Exercise for 20 minutes a day, three days a week. Or, do what feels comfortable and feasible for you at the moment.
  • Slowly Add-on Challenges – Once you reach and sustain some of your short-term goals, take it up a notch by extending duration, frequency or intensity.
  • Pay Attention to Your Body’s Signals – If you’re ever in pain, or finding that a workout may be too difficult to complete, slow it down. Start up again with lower duration, frequency or intensity.
  • Write it Down – Keep track of your progress to see how far you’ve come and what you can improve upon over time.

Want More Information about Fitness and Progression?

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