5 Tasty and Creative Ways to Enjoy Watermelon this Summer

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Summer isn’t the same without getting your hands on some sweet, juicy watermelon!

This delicious and refreshing fruit is a staple of summer, especially if you live in a warm climate. Not only does it help you hydrate (watermelon is 90% water), but it’s packed with vitamins and carotenoids that fuel the body. Watermelon is also fiber and antioxidant rich, making it a delicious and low-calorie treat that checks all the boxes.

Here are some tasty and creative ways to enjoy watermelon this summer.

5 Things to Do with Watermelon

Make a Watermelon Salad

Who said leafy greens have to make up the base of your salad? Chop some watermelon up in cubes and toss it with crumbled feta cheese and mint leaves. If you want, add some extra fruit for variety or throw in a handful of arugula to make it more salad-like. You can also toss in pine nuts or crushed pistachios for extra crunch.

Turn Watermelon into a Pizza

Watermelon pizza? Yes, please! Cut your watermelon into triangular slices, about 1-inch thick. In a small bowl, mix together ricotta, cream cheese, honey and vanilla. Spread the mixture onto the slices and top with berries. For additional garnish, add some fresh mint and toasted coconut shavings. Get the recipe here.

Cool off with Popsicles

Want to beat the heat? Make homemade fruity popsicles using popsicle molds. Just mix watermelon, a little bit of sugar or sugar substitute, and some lemon juice into a blender. Pour the mixture into the molds about 2/3 of the way full, then continue to make layers if you have other ingredients to incorporate. Throw in some fun extras like chocolate chips for watermelon seeds or a layer of coconut milk for creaminess. Try this recipe from Cooking Classy.

Make Watermelon Kebabs

Fruit kebabs are a fun snack and they’re so easy to make! Grab your favorite cookie cutters and make fun shapes with your watermelon. Then skewer the pieces with other fruit such as blueberries, blackberries and bananas. For a bonus sweet treat, make a light fruit dip using cream cheese and cool whip or sugar-free Jell-O pudding mix.

Add Flavor to Your Water

You know you need to stay hydrated, but sometimes it’s hard to drink regular water without any added flavor. Watermelon water is the perfect solution! Cut up a few chunks and add it to water with ice, then garnish with a few basil or mint leaves. Give your bottle or water pitcher a shake before drinking or pouring into a glass.

Stay cool this summer with these watermelon-centric recipes that are sure to delight!

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