10 Quick Ways to Crush Fatigue and Get Active

Bored or struggling with fatigue before you exercise? Need some motivation to push past the mental plateau?

Fatigue is the common enemy to many of our failed attempts — whether it’s in your work life, personal life or health journey. We’ve all had those mornings where we roll out of bed only to hit snooze again, or forego our already-made plans in favor of a nap or a spot on the couch.

One of those places where fatigue can really bite you in the butt is with your fitness goals. Trying to get more active? Try a new activity? Hit the gym? Rather than loading up on coffee to get you there, try these quick-fix ideas to help you energize and motivate.

Fight Fatigue & Move: Quick Tips

Devote 5-10 Minutes to Stretching Your Body

This is especially helpful if you’ve just woken up or you’ve been sedentary for a while. Reactivating your muscles is energy-stimulating, so a bit of yoga may be well suited for this. Do a full-body stretch so you can prepare for any type of movement that lies ahead.

Get Outside to Hit Refresh

Did you know sunlight boosts your serotonin levels? No wonder it’s a mental drag to sit in the house or office all day. If you need an energizing pick-me-up, go for a short walk around your neighborhood or office building and really pay attention to your surroundings.

Use Water’s Magical Properties

Water isn’t magical per say, but it’s incredibly beneficial for many reasons. If you’re feeling the effects of exhaustion, splash a little cold water on your face or drink a few glasses to gain back some energy. Not to mention, fatigue isn’t the only thing you’ll be improving with more water!

Eat a Small but Nutritious Snack

Big meals can sometimes weigh you down, but a small, smart snack can do the trick. Try something with protein and/or healthy carbohydrates such as Greek yogurt, low-fat cheese, whole-grain toast or natural peanut butter. Sugar probably won’t do you good.

Slash Your Stress

Granted, managing chronic stress isn’t something you can do in a jiffy, but it may work for fighting fatigue in the short term. When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, engage in a stimulating activity such as arts and crafts, music therapy, gardening or even exercise.

Maybe Sleep is a Good Idea?

While too much sleep and stillness can actually keep you tired, you might need the shuteye! Try to aim for at least seven hours a night of quality sleep with complete REM cycles. If you’re totally wiped midday, there’s nothing wrong with a nap to snap you back to reality.

And Finally… EXERCISE!

Fight fatigue in order to exercise…by exercising? Yes — that’s right. Sometimes all your body needs is a little bit of movement to whip back into its norm. If you can motivate yourself to just get moving, even light activity can make a world of difference in your energy levels.

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