Workout Wednesday – 6 Ways to Build Physical Stamina


Exercise is a key factor in weight management, but it’s not always easy to incorporate a seamless routine into your lifestyle. On the other hand, consistent exercise and physical activity can help you build long-lasting energy and stamina.

Stamina Defined

What exactly is stamina? A quick glance at the Webster’s Dictionary calls it:

Stamina (Noun): Great physical or mental strength that allows you to continue doing something for a long time; staying power; endurance

In other words, this is what allows you to complete your workout, get through your day or continue to exert your physical self. Consistent physical activity is a crucial component to weight management because it burns calories, releases endorphins and keeps your heart pumping.

6 Ways to Build More Stamina

But let’s be honest. Working up the energy to begin a workout or start your day is hard enough, much less continue it for a prolonged period of time. Are you struggling to keep your stamina while you keep moving? Consider these helpful tips:

  • Get Your Suggested Amount of Sleep Each Night Sleep is critical because it presses the “reset” button on your body. You gain energy from sleep that boosts both your brain and body function.
  • Drink Plenty of Water If you miss this step, you’re in for a bad day – and especially a bad workout. Stay hydrated to keep your organs functioning properly and fill up on fluids when your body loses them from sweat. It’s also an important energy booster.
  • Combine Exercise Types Don’t limit your workouts to one type of exercise. Make sure your routine consists of cardio, flexibility and strength training. This way, you’re working all areas of your body and expanding your range of ability/movement.
  • Choose Healthy Foods for Fuel You won’t last long throughout the day or your workout if your body is trying to run off those donuts you ate for breakfast or the fast food meal you might have had for lunch. Make sure you’re choosing lean, energy-dense foods with plenty of protein and healthy carbohydrates.
  • Maintain Balance If you’re exercising consistently, that’s great – but don’t forget that your body needs some R & R! Rest and relaxation lets your body rejuvenate, repair torn muscles and maintain energy.
  • Use Interval Training Alternate between different types of exercises in a given period of time. For example: Maybe you walk for two minutes, then stop to do jumping jacks, then walk for two more minutes.


There’s a lot of factors that go into creating a healthy lifestyle and successful workout, and stamina is one of them! It’s what gets you through the day, your exercises and especially your weight management journey.

Stamina can be divided into both mental and physical, so stay tuned for some mental tips later on down the line!